One day camp | 5.29 [ride one day camp], break the wind and ride, boy! (along the Grand Theater)

Guangyan youth · outdoor growth plan breaking the wind cycling use rolling wheels to measure every section of the road to see, listen, find, enjoy plenty of sunshine and air, and experience a precious outdoor cycling.

The myth of upbringing uses a lot of evidence to prove that in the process of children’s growth, one of the truly influential is children’s “peer groups” outside the family.

Children need to have wonderful common experiences such as riding and hiking with their partners.

And [Guangyan youth · outdoor growth plan] will lead children and “peer groups” into nature, into the outdoors, and use the power of companions to accompany, grow and explore a broader world.

“Cycling” is a very suitable sport for children.

Take children to ride in real mountains, lakes, greenways and forests, and constantly expand the territory under their feet; The children’s sharvest / / learn more about the development of cycling / / learn more about the construction of bicycles, safety equipment and safety of wearing bicycles / / learn basic riding skills / / although children can ride, systematic teaching can greatly reduce the risks they may encounter when riding.

Check the condition and start, Stop in a straight line, turn a corner and ride in a zigzag formation / / the establishment of a sense of balance / / maintaining balance is a prerequisite for cycling.

To ride smoothly and safely, the establishment of a sense of balance is very important.

The sense of balance improves children’s concentration and learning ability// A good chance to sharpen your will / / you will encounter various conditions on the road: muddy, bumpy and repairing the car.

The idea of giving up will appear when you are tired, which is the most important level to exercise your perseverance.

The strength, cooperation and efforts inspired in the face of difficulties…

These are wealth for children.

Cultivate children’s independent character// Small challenges within the safe range / / set small challenges within the safe range in the riding field to exercise children’s courage and courage and give children a sense of achievement and strength// Riding assessment / / after completing the basic learning of riding, the children will be assessed for complete riding to test the learning results.

The young riders need to complete the assessment contents such as boarding, slow riding, turning, parking and skills according to the instructions of the coach.

If they can complete the whole riding smoothly, they will be deemed to have passed the assessment.

This is a competition with themselves.

How to ensure riding safety? Howtoensurethesafetyofcycling?// Accompanied by professional teachers / / this ride is guided by Harbin bicycle association and hosted by Guangyan camp.

Both riding coaches and team leaders have passed many trainings and have a strong sense of responsibility for children.

During cycling, we will take our children to have a detailed understanding of cycling and master scientific riding methods// Complete riding equipment / / equipped with a full set of protective equipment, including riding gloves, helmets, air pump, etc.

at the same time, it will provide energy, food and drinking water for children throughout the process// Comprehensive logistics support / / during the riding process, we will have three different roles of riders: leading, pressing and escorting to escort the children.

At the same time, the whole process of riding emergency protection car is accompanied all the way to ensure that the traffic security can be obtained at the first time in any case, so as to make the children’s riding safer// Safe riding route / / the riding route passes through the early step of the team leader to ensure the scientific and reasonable route.

Registration details recruitment object: teenagers aged 6-14 ※ children must have the foundation of cycling; ※ Children over 6 years old; ※ Bicycles need to be provided by yourself.

Time and place of activity: 8:30-16:005 (along the Grand Theater) remarks: 1 All routes are the outdoor cycling routes for young people who have been repeatedly visited by the Guangyan team and have actually carried out cycling activities for many times.

Children can ride at ease.

Build a group before the camp starts, and inform the group of the place of assembly and dissolution; 2.

Ride about 15 kilometers along the Grand Theater.

During the break, carry out bicycle history explanation, cycling sign language introduction, cycling posture correction, cycling race, pile riding, formation cycling, cycling race, resistance umbrella race, team games and other contents.

While enjoying cycling, scientifically and reasonably arrange the time to ensure that children can get something when they rest and feel the strength of the team.

Activity fee: 299 yuan / person preferential fee: Group quotation: 279 yuan / person (three or more people sign up for this activity at the same time) member price: 279 yuan / person (you can enjoy the member price unlimited times after purchasing the membership card) registration method: scan the QR code of the applet to sign up.

The fee includes: activity organization and planning fee; Emergency support vehicle cost; Riding equipment usage fee (helmet, gloves, pump); Use fee of activity props; Teacher fees: team leader, riding coach, photographer; High outdoor insurance premium; Cost of food materials (lunch table meal, energy food, drinking water); The cost does not include: the transportation cost of the campers’ home activity site; Bicycle rental or use fees; Activity consultation: please scan the QR code to add customer service.

Customer service: 15004507101 Holly: 13214510053 Orange: 13648501761 Xi: 1576446331 refund mechanism: the registration is successful only after the child information is submitted and the payment is successful.

There are no reserved places and on-site charges are not accepted.


70% refund for withdrawal within 3 days before the activity; 2.

50% refund within 1 day before the activity; 3.

There is no refund if you withdraw from the event on the same day..