[riding] may day, 21st, Wuhan Nanjing cycling diary [III] final chapter

Only when facing the wind can you feel alive—— Foreword of the Memorandum – rambling: nearly seven months have passed since the last tweet update.

For many readers, this official account has been forgotten.

Frankly, if you want to maintain a stable output for your personal official account, it is still very difficult without subdivided fields and solid “accumulation”.

In fact, for the definition of this number, I just wanted to record some notes about riding at first – although it is still the case now.

But 21 and 22 years of cycling are too bleak.

In the past 21 years, only two more interesting rides were carried out, namely “Wuhan Nanjing” and “around Mulan mountain”.

Although the middle story about bicycles is also on, I lost too much impulse to take notes.

Perhaps the one who stopped me from starting was not the one who was eager to start but delayed to start.

Looking back, you can leave Wuhan and run all over the country in May of 21.

No one cares where you go, who you meet and what stories you have.

Just over 20 days later, when delta entered the mainland for the first time in mid and late May, it was “honored” to become the first wave of people isolated because of delta.

Maybe it’s also because of the isolation in those days – the value of freedom.

In May of the 22nd year, a year later, the epidemic situation in Shanghai was severe.

Colleges and universities in Wuhan “sealed and controlled management”, “two nucleic acids in three days” and “make-up classes on weekends” In 2022, in Wuhan, at school and in class, I picked up my pen, recalled the fragments in my memory, and wrote down the last chapter of this riding series – to commemorate the turn of spring and summer in 21 years and the days on the road.

The first draft was continued on August 25, 21: the previous tweet mentioned that he arrived in Hefei, Anhui Province on May 1 and rested in Hefei to prepare for reaching the end of the ride – Nanjing on the third and last day.

This is the beginning of the wonderful and shit day3.

Day3: mileage on May 2: Hefei, Anhui Province – Nanjing, Jiangsu Province distance: 183.94km.

The wind on the plain always feels a little restless.

The more you go east, the earlier the dawn – I’m the one chasing the sun! At 5:30 in the morning, the alarm clock was startled and sat up.

The hill bags planted by mosquitoes on their legs came with excitement.

Check the door lock, count the luggage, wash and have breakfast.

The code meter and headset are not fully charged.

With a charging treasure and two mobile phones, plus headphones and code meter, the only charging head and the other charging head borrowed from the boss are overwhelmed.

Experience: how important it is to bring more than one or two chargers during the journey, or a single charger can support multiple devices to charge at the same time.

Hefei in May morning, although it is sunny, it still feels cold.

After riding for three days, I put on decathlon’s fleece coat for the first time.

(I took it off after eight or nine in the morning.

It’s too hot to carry it) check out.

The landlady’s family is still sleeping.

I’ve always felt that it’s really difficult for these people who open hotels to have a rest.

Sleep late at night and have to be woken up in the morning.

The very low quality of sleep is reflected in many practitioners – haggard eyes.

The picture above shows the early morning at the gate of the hotel.

Sunrise under the elevated Second Ring Road in Hefei.

Let’s talk about my personal impression of Hefei – very subjective.

As the capital of Anhui Province, it can be said that the development is general.

In Day2’s notes, I wrote about the condition when I first arrived in Hefei at night – the road condition was really bad, which directly reduced my first impression.

All the way into Hefei along Chaohu Road and out of Hefei from Feidong County.

Personal urban infrastructure is not very strong.

Although it reaches the Third Ring Road, it is still a little stronger than ordinary municipal cities, and there are some illusions that it has not been developed or has been lonely.

Today, I passed through the city center (the island in the middle of Hefei) and passed through some large intersections.

I feel better than ordinary prefecture level cities.

Personally, I don’t think the quality of citizens is good or bad.

I can only say that there are still many people crossing the road and occupying non motorized lanes everywhere Of course, maybe it’s because I haven’t passed through some prosperous places.

However, one stem said that the capital of Anhui Province is Nanjing, which may be reasonable.

Of course, it is still early and the anger of the city has not been fully released, so my subjective judgment may be wrong.

Finally, I came out of Hefei and arrived at Feidong County.

The next step is to keep going – all the way to Nanjing.

At the moment, I am relaxed and looking forward to it.

After all, the last large city of this trip has gone far behind, and the destination is ahead.

I can arrive in one day – so I am extremely happy to think so.

However, this is not the case.

Although the road from Feidong County along S123 road to Nanjing is in good condition and has a unified asphalt pavement, the wind in the morning blows for a long time, and the cross wind and head-on wind come alternately – which greatly reduces the speed.

If you can’t walk for a few meters, you have to take another step.

And for vegetable chicken legs, it is still difficult to maintain long-term power output.

And the cross wind is extremely dangerous for the highway party, especially the high frame wheel group party.

The sudden cross wind is very easy to bring cyclists into the inner motorway, resulting in accidents.

Although it is only around 8:00 am, the temperature of nearly 30 degrees Celsius has scorched the earth.

Looking at the plain for dozens of kilometers, there are only one piece of green land after another.

It’s a very small shop out of Feidong County for supply.

The above picture is G42 Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway, which can reach Nanjing.

The only idea is if my bike can go on high speed..