2012 Sichuan Tibet cycling diary (III) — climbing mountains to Glacier Avenue

Preface: [sentiment] the 10th year of riding 318 Sichuan Tibet line — time text segmentation line — connected with: 2012 Sichuan Tibet cycling diary (I) 2012 Sichuan Tibet cycling diary (II) — entering Tibet on August 10, 2012 Mangkang – Lawu mountain – Rumei (zhuka) slept in a hall last night.

About 20 people slept in it.

The mattress is very wonderful.

Hang your waist and spine with your head down.

You may be too tired and sleep until dawn.

Your whole body is in great pain.

In the toilet, continue to serve in the cesspit.

There are two pits in the men’s toilet.

There is no partition.

They shit side by side.

The distance between them is less than 10 cm.

Under the pit are several lumps of feces that can’t be washed down.

I want to vomit when I think of the stench of others’ feces, stabbing chrysanthemums from bottom to top.

The front, back, left and right walls are sandwiched with walls.

The walls are covered with countless invertebrates.

Unlike caterpillars and trilobites, the gray two do not move around.

Even brother Ma said he was afraid.

We mortals are under greater pressure.

Finally, I finished the shit and left this place of right and wrong.

As the first county to enter Tibet, Mangkang intersects with national highway 214 of Yunnan Tibet line.

It was dark when I went down the mountain last night.

I didn’t see the intersection.

The journey is shorter today.

49km, just over a mountain.

In the morning, I went to the Internet cafe and started after a whole morning.

The county seat in Tibet is the size of a town in Guangdong.

The streets are full of police stations and patrol armed police.

The atmosphere is slightly inappropriate.

In contrast, the dogs here are very leisurely.

Have you seen the smart dog sleeping in the square at three o’clock? There are all kinds of cattle and sheep walking all over the street.

At eleven o’clock, they began to climb the mountain a few kilometers out of the county.

The grassland on the mountain is full of sheep.

Blue sky, white clouds, grassland, sheep After zhedo mountain and zongbala mountain, today’s Lawu mountain is a piece of cake.

It has reached the pass at noon.

The black character was added a point by later generations.

We renamed this mountain pull bird mountain.

When you go down from this pass, you have to climb another pass for one kilometer, which is the real downhill.

We turned over, put Margo’s damp proof pad on another pass, had lunch and rest, appreciated the blue sky and white clouds, and asked Xiaode to take a picture.

As a result, we were blinded by Margo’s damp proof pad.

Brother Hao’s is still sleeping.

Guess what brother Ma was doing with us.

While resting, an old man riding on the 28th bar passed by the pass.

The next day, xiaochunzi also photographed the old man going down the mountain.

When he was halfway down the mountain, he found that brother Ma stopped and said that the brake was broken and the brake was gone.

I’m shocked.

How could the coming plate of brother Ma, the downhill king, wear out when he doesn’t brake downhill? Because lailing film is different from other people’s models, it cannot be replaced, but it continues to decline.

After a while, brother Ma actually began to brake with his foot.

Brother Ma, you are a worthy God.

See the collapse area again.

The river below is about to join the Lancang River.

This is probably our first impression of Tibet.

Only when you see the height and breadth of the mountain can you feel the smallness of human beings.

But tiny human beings have the power to transform nature and open up this Sichuan Tibet lifeline.

After going down the mountain, the red soil felt that it began to approach the underground of dry and hot valley at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and finally arrived.

Double standard room, board room, 30 yuan per person.

Compared with yesterday, it’s really tearful.

Today, I can finally have a meal, take a bath, wash my car, wash my clothes and have a good night’s sleep.

When we were bathing and washing clothes, we saw brother Ma squatting at the door and grinding and knocking at the car.

I didn’t know what he was doing.

Later, brother Ma said that his brake had been repaired.

How could he repair it if he didn’t come?! You underestimate Margo’s strength.

Don’t forget that another identity of others is the inventor who brought the generator and inherited the soul of Edison.

The Red Bull jar is converted into a red bull lailing film, which is unique in the world and may be able to apply for a patent.

It is easier to use than other people’s BB7.

Mago owns the copyright.

Margo, you are God.

In the evening, everyone is watching TV.

Tang Jian and rice are watching the good voice of China.

Tang Jian can’t help singing along.

Rice closes his eyes and shakes his head and walks out of the room.

It’s too ugly to stand rap.

Before long, the power was cut off, and the whole Rumei town was submerged under the starry sky.

Compared with last night, this starry sky is completely under no light pollution, and a bright meteor flies across the sky.

Perhaps, such a starry sky can only be seen in Tibet.

Standing under the starry sky, what else can the vast Milky way do in addition to being overwhelmed by the starry sky? August 11, 2012 Rumei (zhuka) – juebashan Rongxu today, the weather is very good.

When I get up, the sun has shone into the river valley.

I forgot to say that rice stayed in zhuka for a day to meet us yesterday.

As for why I came back, you know.

After reading Bohr’s strategy, it is a long way to go.

It is said that the breakfast in the inn was bad and not full, so he set out on an empty stomach and went to the professor Inn eight kilometers away for breakfast.

Continue down the Lancang River and cross the zhuka bridge to the opposite bank of the Lancang River.

After crossing the zhuka bridge, we immediately start to climb the whole slope.

We have to climb five kilometers hungry.

It is expected to take almost an hour to arrive at the professor’s Inn.

It’s really Keng dad.

On the way, I met some obedient Tibetan children who didn’t ask for candy.

They waved to us and helped us push behind our backs.

The roads from zhuka to jueba village are all opened up along the edge of the river valley.

The roadside is a cliff and under the cliff is the Lancang River.

After coming here, I know what a mountain is.

There are falling rocks on the roadside, riding in the mountains and rivers.

We are just slowly moving ants.

The professor Inn finally arrived.

The wooden house is not an inn, but a toilet.

In the toilet on the cliff, a bubble of shit flew down 3000 feet.

It is suspected that the stool fell for nine days..