On the ninth day of “riding in China”, the first stop in Tibet was Mangkang. The scenery was unique!

“Let’s go to Lhasa” Batang, the first stop of the large-scale immersive financial media live broadcast of “riding in China” jointly planned by Shandong TV culture and tourism channel in conjunction with lightning news and Jinan Avenue heavy machinery club, is the last county seat of G318 in Sichuan, with an altitude of only about 2000 meters, known as “little Jiangnan on the plateau”.

On the ancient tea horse road, in the morning of Batang, people greeted us warmly ~ today’s weather is very suitable for riding.

The white clouds and pure sky seem to welcome us.

We felt closer and closer to the sky.

Along the Jinsha River, the golden river is sometimes calm and sometimes rapid.

After passing the security check, he crossed the Jinsha River, went out to Tibet and came to Mangkang County, Tibet.

When we arrived at Mangkang, we really came to Tibet and obviously felt the power of ultraviolet light.

For the first time, I tasted matsutake yak hotpot, which also had a unique flavor.

Walker camp, love post station, and Mangkang provide considerate services for tourists coming to Sichuan Tibet line, so that tourists on Sichuan Tibet line can rest for free.

We wrote a travel diary together to record our first day in Tibet.

Ride all the way to the west, cross the Lawu mountain pass, and reach Rumei town.

You can see the red, warm and unrestrained Lancang River, which originates in Qinghai, flows through Tibet and Yunnan, and is called the Mekong River after leaving China.

The Lancang River is high pitched but not angry.

It is a beauty of a man of virtue who never stops striving and rushes forward.

While we feel the magnificence of mountains and rivers, we can also feel the vigorous development of local industries and the happy new life of people.

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Tomorrow is the 10th day of “riding in China”.

From June 13, Rumei – Basu will pay attention to the central video, lightning news app, culture and tourism slow live broadcast, Tiktok, Kwai, video number, Sina Weibo and other network platforms for 15 consecutive days!..