On riding, unlimited happiness

Around me, many colleagues’ biggest hobby after work is riding.

When chatting with them, they said that the minimum riding distance is 20 kilometers.

While admiring them, I also learned about the precautions in riding, because I also like riding, but I don’t ride as much and run as far as my colleagues.

In riding, find a joy, a reverie, watch the wind and enjoy the scenery, and have a unique style.

When riding, there is such a problem: sometimes even if you are not tired, you are out of breath and your feet can’t work hard.

Why on earth? After checking the reasons, we know that this is often caused by your wrong way of breathing.

What’s the right way to breathe? Before riding: before starting, you should first adjust your breathing through nasal suction and mouth breathing, so that your body can adapt to the rhythm of movement in advance.

First close your mouth and inhale deeply and slowly with your nose until you can’t inhale any more.

Then open your mouth and spit out the gas slowly.

After spitting out, close your mouth and then inhale deeply with your nose Repeat the above operation for 9 consecutive times.

After that, breathe naturally with your nose for several times and you can start.

Flat riding: when abdominal breathing starts riding, the oxygen consumption of the body will increase.

Abdominal breathing can absorb more air, so as to improve the oxygen absorption.

Close your mouth and roll your tongue against your upper jaw to prevent too much air from staying in your mouth.

Then inhale deeply with your nose.

At this time, you obviously feel your abdomen contracting inward; When exhaling, try to spit out all your breath.

At this time, your abdomen should protrude outward.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not used to it at first.

If you practice consciously, you’ll get used to it gradually.

When climbing a slope: it takes more physical energy to climb a slope than riding on a flat road, so it also needs more oxygen to power the muscles.

At this time, although the oxygen intake of abdominal breathing is large, such a relatively slow breathing rhythm can not meet the demand.

At this time, it is necessary to change the breathing mode.

When you first go uphill, you can use the way of nasal suction and mouth breathing before you start; Be sure to breathe in and out slowly.

When you find that your breathing is getting faster and faster, speed up your breathing rhythm – close your mouth, inhale quickly through your nose, and exhale quickly through your mouth.

If you are breathing more and more quickly, you might as well stop the cart and adjust your breathing.

Note that during this process, whether riding or getting off the cart, you must not breathe in through your mouth, otherwise your health will be affected.

May all cyclists get the greatest harvest and experience in free riding.

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