Activity Notice: Xiaoman rides Jiangxinzhou to fight the epidemic

As we all know, the traditional activity of mountain feelings is to ride 300 kilometers in Hangzhou every year.

This year’s Xiaoman solar term should be the 19th, 2021 Xiaoman solar term cycling 300 kilometers in Hangzhou 2020 Xiaoman Nanjing to Hangzhou 300 kilometers a day report 2020 Xiaoman Nanjing to Hangzhou 300 kilometers a day cycling postscript 2019 Mid Autumn Festival cycling Hangzhou 2018 Xiaoman Hangzhou 300 kilometers 2017 Xiaoman solar term Nanjing Hangzhou 300 kilometers cycling summary 2016 Xiaoman solar term Nanjing Hangzhou 300 kilometers a day cycling registration! Report on the 9th Nanjing Hangzhou one-day 300 km cycling in 2015!……

However, due to the epidemic this year, we can’t even ride in Nanjing in recent months.

The riding radius is also limited to Nanjing.

We can only wait to see if we can ride in Hangzhou after unsealing in autumn? On May 21 every year, the Xiaoman solar term is the ideal temperature for the last outdoor activities.

It will be hot after Xiaoman.

Our generation has experienced a plague.

How many years has it been? In order to commemorate this special life experience and record our riding life under the epidemic situation, this year’s Xiaoman solar term is May 21.

I plan to arrange to ride Jiangxinzhou Lanjing salt water duck and ride around Jiangxinzhou.

I went to do a small medal today.

This is something that has been discussed in the mountain feelings wechat group for several days.

This is the final draft and has been produced.

50, ha ha, small activities are considered to be under the epidemic situation, Nanjing often brush circles of motorists’ life commemoration? Mountain feelings.

As long as customers finish riding, I’ll give them free.

Non mountain customers charge 40 yuan for production costs.

There are only 50 of them.

They are less and the price is high.

The cost of making medals has been publicized in the mountain feelings wechat group.

This cycling activity is non-commercial and non-profit.

Let’s play? Even if it’s a memorial, alas, I also launched GRC Nanjing limited edition cycling clothes at 458 yuan.

This idea was originally discussed with GRC in winter, but the epidemic reason and GRC are also affected.

The production design has slowed down.

In recent days, wechat group chose this final scheme, and no duck can escape from Nanjing.

Nanjing people understand this stem! This is the effect of actual production proofing yesterday! The first batch of Nanjing limited edition commemorative riding clothes were made into 20 pieces and delivered before May 21.

It’s fun to imagine.

A large group of Nanjing salted ducks ride on Jiangxinzhou! According to the quality, appearance and style of GRC cycling clothes, this distinctive cycling clothes is suitable for our Nanjing riders? It seems that you can wear it when you go out for competition in the future.

Do you feel friendly when you see it? If you want to buy cycling clothes, please contact us at Nanjing mountain feelings bike company.

The retail price is 458 yuan.

In production, we’ll go to the store later.

Is this the first place in the strava stage of Jiangxinzhou cycling? A Xin first? Jiangxinzhou cycling around the island, without traffic lights and big slopes, is suitable for evaluating your riding level vertically and horizontally, for novices and challenging yourself.

So this stage is also printed with cycling clothes and medals.

May 21, 4 a.m., on time, no waiting! Jiangxinzhou cycling activities, 100 kilometers, 200 kilometers, 300 kilometers, Fengjian by people, after riding, don’t want to ride, take the code watch record to come to me for a medal, ha ha, don’t ask for speed.

At least 100 kilometers WOW? Don’t delay going home for breakfast after riding? eat lunch? sup on? We should have run 300km in Hangzhou on this day, but there is no competition this year, and the traditional 300km activity in Hangzhou can’t be carried out.

We can play by ourselves in Jiangxinzhou — this is the original words of coach Xing and the origin of this special activity.

A group of diligent riders in the group practice hard every day and lack a battle to meet them? It’s just a ride for self entertainment.

Note that this event is not a competition! That is, riding around Jiangxinzhou in circles, refusing to drag racing and malicious lane change.

Safety comes first.

You are not allowed to bring your children with you.

You are not allowed to bring children to join the fun.

You are not allowed to bring pure novices to join the fun.

You are not allowed to stop at low speed and take photos at will.

Your unsafe behavior may seriously affect the safety of others! The lower limit of the moral bottom line of any activity determines the quality of riding activities (just like not allowing you to ride toutuoling now, because mouse excrement spoils a pot of soup).

I’ll do it for the wicked.

Mountain riding activities are of the highest quality.

Those who participate, buy insurance.