Forget vanity and return to cycling — Xiangshuai 650n cycling experience

When I saw xs650n at Chongqing motor show last year, I had a strange idea.

What would be the experience of riding this car on the road? What do passers-by think? What does the car club think? Will you feel embarrassed? After this strange idea, I wonder: who will buy a high imitation 883? What kind of idea did they buy the car based on? With such curiosity and questions, I have been paying attention to this car.

I want to ride it for a period of time and find the answer through my own experience.

So I asked the dealer to borrow an xs650n and got some understanding through riding these days and communicating with potential users.

When the unloading truck landed, it attracted many passers-by.

Those who knew or didn’t play with the car thought the car was very handsome.

It imitated Harley.

Can’t it be handsome? Although he is not the owner, he will be proud when others praise the handsome car.

However, if the satisfaction brought by the appearance of this vehicle is regarded as the main fun of cycling, it is easy to be beaten in the face by reality.

I rode xs650n to dinner.

When I stopped, I met a big brother.

He looked at the car for a while and said: it doesn’t seem to be Harley.

At this time, it’s a little embarrassing to tell the truth.

Even if I’m not the owner, I’ll feel a little embarrassed, but I have to face up.

So after a short and complex ideological struggle, I said: This is really not Harley, it’s Xiangshuai 650, only more than 30000.

The key point of this sentence is “only more than 30000”, which means that although it is not Harley, the price is very cheap, highlighting the “high cost performance”, which seems to cover up the face.

But in fact, I still feel quite shameless in my heart.

After experiencing such embarrassment, I was even more curious about what the riders concerned about the car would think.

I communicated with many potential users.

One of the riders replied that I thought it was most worth sharing.

He said: why don’t I want to buy an 883? After all, the budget is limited, but I consider the xs650n, not to install it into the 883.

I just like Harley’s style and riding such a car, and the xs650n can meet such requirements.

This answer gives me an understanding that the high imitation appearance will bring some vanity, and vanity is the easiest to be punctured.

If your starting point is vanity, you will be defeated by vanity.

If you forget vanity and return to riding itself, this fun will be more real and pure.

Back to cycling itself, what kind of car is xs650n? In appearance, xs650n imitates Harley’s 883 tough guy, and also adopts a v-cylinder engine.

The displacement is not small, 650cc, but the actual riding experience is very different from 883.

Everyone should have heard a saying that there are two kinds of motorcycles in the world, one is Harley and the other is motorcycles other than Harley.

Harley is a unique existence in motorcycles.

In addition to cultural symbols and representatives of the American spirit, as far as the car itself is concerned, air-cooled engine, huge low twist, shocking sound, heavy body and metal feeling full of power can not be replaced by other motorcycles.

The servicing weight of xs650n is 226kg.

Many people say that the car is too heavy, while the servicing weight of Harley 883 tough guy with the same size is 256kg, which is a full 30kg.

However, the weight of more than 500kg gives people the feeling of strength and stability, which is the charm of Harley air cooler; There is a huge difference in sound.

The idle sound of Xiangshuai 650n is passable, but when the speed comes up, it is accompanied by some noise and irritability, which is far from Halley’s sense of rhythm.

Expect to use more than 30000 to experience more than 100000 riders.

I advise you not to have this illusion.

Riding is really not a thing.

But if only from the perspective of riding, the xs650n is actually good, and in some aspects it is even better than the 883.

The clutch of the xs650n is relatively light, the gear is also very clear, the braking experience is better than that of the 883, and the shock absorption is relatively comfortable.

In terms of power, the v-cylinder engine of the xs650n comes from GAOJIN power.

This engine is relatively medium and high, and the low torque is less powerful than that of the 883.

It is smoother than that of the 883.

It is generally suitable for daily urban riding.

The most suitable riding rhythm for xs650n is leisure riding in and around the city.

In addition to the general sound feeling, the overall comfort and sense of control are still good.

I don’t recommend riding at too high speed.

I tried to pull some speed, and the stability began to decline when it was above 120.

At 140, there was obvious front shaking.

In terms of fuel consumption, the car rode more than 700 kilometers, added 285 yuan, and about half of it was left in the fuel tank.

Even if 250 yuan of fuel was used, it would be a normal fuel consumption of more than 4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Of course, if you are used to turning up, the fuel consumption will be higher.

However, for this car, I still recommend leisure riding, enjoying the feeling of walking in the city and being leisurely on the road.

In terms of workmanship, there are both expected problems and unexpected performance.

The expected problem is that there may be some problems with the circuit waterproof.

Sure enough, as long as you wash the car, the horn will not sound, and it will be normal again after a period of time.

The ignition will not be smooth after washing the car.

The engine occasionally bursts the fault light, but it will not affect the use; Unexpectedly, it didn’t rust.

The car has been put outdoors since it was brought.

I deliberately wanted to see if it would rust.

It’s really not.

It seems that the standard parts and metal parts are well rusted.

The rubber parts are generally used, and the handle rubber is a little old; The joint treatment of exhaust is quite casual and the grade is improved.

These aspects still need to be improved, otherwise it will affect the maintenance of vehicle conditions in the later stage..