Double the cost of riding! A citizen of Hezhou crossed the map when riding a shared moped?!

For office workers, bike sharing has become the primary choice for many people to travel for a short distance.

However, recently, Ms.

Zhang, a citizen of Hezhou, experienced the problem of increasing the number of kilometers and charging more when riding.

On the morning of 10 may, Ms.

Zhang, a citizen, found that the cost of riding on the same route was much higher than usual.

After checking the cycling route, I found an additional round-trip route across the map (click to watch the video) have you ever been overcharged? Although it’s only a matter of a few dollars, as consumers, when they find that their rights and interests have been infringed, they should communicate with businesses in time to obtain reasonable explanation and compensation; If businesses do not compensate, consumers can complain to relevant departments to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Reporter: Huang Tingting editor: Lai Wenxi reviewed by: Yin Pingwei..