On January 9 [Maozhou River Riding Camp] the wind chasing youth moved forward bravely and enjoyed “riding”

Exercise is a child’s nature.

Riding is also one of the necessary skills to master in the growth stage.

Riding is not only a simple cycling exercise, but also the shaping of perseverance, character and ability.

A bicycle, a group of teenagers move towards a common goal over a period of time, Turning the scenery and experience on the road into a beautiful memory is like walking on the wheel and making a journey along the road.

It is like a real activity of riding with oneself in time and space.

This activity selects the Maozhou River elite road to ride around 18KM, equipped with XDS children’s mountain bike + riding helmet + kneecap wristlet for children riding bicycles.

Learn the riding traffic rules through technology, establish the awareness of riding safety, let more children fall in love with riding and enjoy the fun of riding.

The course harvest , go deep into the xidsheng factory, visit the Bicycle Museum, and understand the development process and basic knowledge of bicycles , cultivate children’s perseverance and self-confidence, move forward bravely in case of difficulties , can improve children’s cardiopulmonary function, Develop leg and foot muscle strength, improve body coordination ability, measure the world with wheels, experience the fun of riding and swimming with your own speed, and explore the unknown world ahead.

Get in close contact with nature, feel freedom, release yourself, a spiritual journey flying alone.

Course content > > visit the Bicycle Museum, To understand the history of bicycle development, the xidsheng Bicycle Museum has five functional exhibition areas.

Through a large number of precious collections and high-tech 3D holographic image visual display, it tells the long history of bicycle culture and reproduces the scientific and technological charm of bicycle industry.

As the first Bicycle Museum built by enterprises in the world, it is like a thick bicycle encyclopedia, leading people to walk in the world of bicycles, feel the shocking charm of bicycle technology and culture, and understand the historical mission of bicycles in different periods! In the historical area, antique bicycles engraved with the mark of the times tell the trend and story of each era, walk among them, and experience the mission and chapter of bicycles in the changes of the times.

[the first bicycle recognized in the world was called the “thinning carriage” by people at that time] [the first bicycle with rubber tires and a real prototype of modern bicycle] [the era mark of China in the 1970s – “three turns and one ring”] > > self driving basic riding skills and riding gesture training under the professional guidance of bicycle coaches, Explain the operation principle of bicycle and understand the functions of various parts of the vehicle.

Campers choose appropriate mountain bikes according to their height, adjust the cushion height according to their height, teaching riding posture, using skills of braking and speed change, teaching riding gestures, turning, uphill and downhill skills, and correctly wear safety clothes.

Riding has a certain speed, which is more prone to danger in case of emergencies; Therefore, learning riding safety rules and improving riding safety awareness will be of great help to children.

Basic structure and components of mountain bike professional riding gestures to learn the correct wearing of riding safety equipment > > mountain 3D track experience in xidsheng Park, after the coach’s basic explanation and training, I believe the children can’t wait to try the unknown challenges ahead ~ before riding on the greenway, let’s come to the 3D mountain track experience area to experience the wind breaking little warriors.

This is a track design with a certain slope and continuous up and down slopes.

The little warriors break through themselves and overcome their psychological fear under the encouragement and guidance of coaches and teachers, Fearless of difficulties, we forge ahead bravely and flash heroic figures on the track! Real videos of previous activities: > > 18km riding experience of Maozhou River greenway and safety guarantee of riding route 1 Campers ride on the greenway, which is completely isolated from the motor vehicle lane, and the riding safety is higher.

2 The self-test site eliminates potential safety hazards, and the round trip is 14km.

The riding section is flat throughout the whole journey, which is more suitable for independent riding.

3 Campers are managed in groups according to the number of people.

Coaches and team leaders play the following roles: lead, protect and support 4 Riding in strict accordance with the riding safety rules, the coach will control the rhythm and keep moving in order.

The whole greenway of Guangming section of Maozhou river is open and unobstructed, with a total length of 14 kilometers on both sides.

Driving too fast and walking too slowly, we choose to ride by bike to enjoy the beautiful waterfront space and play between water, bank and city.

Along the beautiful scenery…

Put on your helmet, put on your protective gear, ride your bike and become a little wind breaking knight, At the beginning of the 14.8km high-energy challenge, feel the wind and freedom on the Maozhou River greenway, enjoy this unique free flying riding brigade and small partners ride together, and start towards the same goal, which seems to be a “distant goal” We believe that in the hearts of every child who loves cycling, cycling has different meanings, or an exploration of the unknown, or an understanding of life, or a self breakthrough, or a sharpening of growth, or a unique growth memory in his youth…

Cycling cares It’s not the destination, it’s always on the road.

As a healthy and environment-friendly way of sports, cycling can fully enjoy the beauty of the journey and exercise children’s perseverance and hard-working outdoor spirit.

In the fresh air and plenty of sunshine, we can experience challenges in difficulties and the happiness of success at the end of the journey..