On January 16 [Songshan Lake cycling camp] the wind chasing youth advanced to challenge 28km cycling around the lake

Since the launch of maozhouhe greenway cycling camp, a group of energetic wind chasing teenagers, a mountain bike with a brave and firm heart, encountered a 14km cycling on the greenway, overcome various difficulties and setbacks on the way, and each wind chasing teenager successfully completed the primary challenge, which is also a mental honing The primary cycling camp is loved by parents and children.

After repeatedly exploring the route and actual sites, we decided to launch an advanced cycling route , Songshan Lake 28km around the lake, chasing the wind boys, Get ready to meet your stronger self at the next stop , the team leader took a real shot at the spot → took a real shot on September 21: took a real shot on December 11: in this activity, Songshan Lake greenway rode for about 28km, equipped with children’s mountain bike + riding helmet + knee and elbow protection, and carried out a riding independent camp for children who can ride, so as to help children master basic riding skills and learn riding traffic rules, Establish a sense of riding safety, let more children fall in love with riding, enjoy the fun of riding activities, gain advanced riding, accumulate experience, challenge longer distances and more complex riding routes, cultivate children’s perseverance and self-confidence, and do not fear to move forward in case of difficulties, Marching forward can improve children’s cardiopulmonary function, develop leg and foot muscle strength, Improve physical coordination, explore the unknown world ahead, get in close contact with nature, feel free and release yourself, Songshan Lake is the most mature and classic tour route, which is characterized by Lake wetland scenery, plant season and color flower series.

Six ecological parks have been built along the line, including Songhu misty rain, Songhu flower sea and Yuehe Lake Park, creating a garden ecological corridor with harmonious integration of natural ecology and artificial landscape.

With 8 square kilometers of fresh water lake and 14 square kilometers of ecological green space, it is an area with good ecological and natural environment.

With more than 60% green coverage and 10 times the negative oxygen ion content of the “fresh air” standard, it is the riding route that cyclists yearn for.

Walk slowly along the greenway around the lake.

The greenway around the lake is like a green ribbon winding between the blue waves and green shadows of Songshan Lake.

The natural beauty, Huawei castle, retro small train and Fuhu light slowly come into view with the wheels.

Ride through the European town of Huawei, which was built by Huawei with a cost of 10 billion, Covering an area of 1900 mu, the headquarters center of Huawei terminal.

Our riding route will pass through here, but Huawei’s European town is not open to the outside world, so we can only upgrade our riding expertise and skills.

We will simulate the scene to explain the traffic rules of outdoor riding, gestures exchanged during riding, emergency response methods, etc, Build awareness of safe riding for children.

In the process of riding, it is difficult for the front and rear team members to communicate by language.

Professional riding teams must master professional gestures and timely grasp the information transmitted in front to avoid a series of hidden dangers such as sudden braking.

Learn to adjust the pain and discomfort during riding.

Incorrect riding posture will lead to discomfort in Achilles tendon, back, ankle, arm and other parts.

Learn to distinguish and timely self-regulation, which can avoid the damage caused by improper action and better complete the long-distance riding challenge.

Bicycle seat and gear debugging learned how to adjust their own seat height, how to apply what gear speed regulation in different sections, and give full play to the riding advantages of mountain bikes.

Professional riding gestures, learn the 28km advanced challenge around Songshan Lake, put on helmets, protective gear, ride a bicycle and incarnate as a wind breaking little knight, At the beginning of the 28km high-energy challenge, feel the wind and freedom on the greenway, enjoy this unique free flying riding trip and ride together with small partners, and start towards the same goal, which seems to be a “distant goal” We believe that riding in the heart of every child who loves riding has different meanings, or an exploration of the unknown, or an understanding of life, or a self breakthrough, or a sharpening of growth, or a unique growth memory in his youth…

Riding cares Not the destination, but always on the road.

As a healthy and environment-friendly way of sports, cycling can fully enjoy the beauty of the journey and exercise children’s perseverance and hard-working outdoor spirit.

In the fresh air and plenty of sunshine, we can experience challenges in difficulties and the happiness of success at the end of the journey..