Night riding statistician: big news from the national development and Reform Commission!

News: 1.

US stocks rose sharply, and a shares really played the routine again.

Jump once after the opening and once in the afternoon, and make a concussion all day.

Now the U.S.

stock market has soared, and A-share diving has become a routine Recently, there is little risk in US stocks, and things are beginning to change.

The market began to expect that the Fed would not raise interest rates after another 2-3 months.

The expectation at the beginning of the year was to raise interest rates until the end of the year.

After all, the U.S.

economy is actually not so good, and inflation has not continued to rise recently, so the U.S.

stock market is basically doing a bad job.

From the US dollar index, it is obvious that the US dollar has not continued to strengthen recently because of changes in expectations.

However, in this atmosphere, a shares can not rise The sharp rise of US stocks is really not a good thing for a shares.

At present, the market is really not afraid of the interest rate increase on June 16.


Today, the recovery sector is strong.

Cars, tourist hotels and airports are all the recovery expectations of speculation after the unsealing of Shanghai.

Tourist hotels are able to stir up, which is really beyond expectations.

This proper deep dilemma has been reversed.


There were 7.5 million opening orders of HNA Group, which was later reduced to 2.5 million.

The subject matter of this asset injection was not sold at all However, this has not brought up the tax-free plate The market may not believe in the expectation of injection of other underlying assets in the tax-free sector.

However, the reform of state-owned enterprises is very hot.

The injection of state-owned assets may be the biggest hot spot in the theme category recently, and this is sustainable.


There will be a subscription for convertible bonds tomorrow.

Recently, many convertible bonds have been listed, but few have been subscribed.

Zhongchen convertible bond On May 31, 2022, the subscription code is 370933.

On the disk, the state-owned enterprise reform concept stocks continued to explode, more than 50 state-owned enterprise reform concept stocks rose by the limit, and baobian electric, Fengshen shares, Hunan Tianyan, China Optics, Guodian Nanzi, Linhai shares, etc.

rose by the limit one after another.

This matter was mentioned in the article over the weekend.

The recent demon stocks are all state-owned assets + topics.

This year is the last year of the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform.

At present, the market also favors the concept of state-owned enterprise reform.

Recently, the research on state-owned enterprises is increasing day by day.

Everyone should have a keen sense of the disk.

Where demon stocks are piled up, it shows that the funds are transferred here.

The funds that can fight demon stocks are generally the first-hand funds, which are the fastest in all aspects.

After hours, a big news came from the national development and Reform Commission and the Energy Bureau.

Today, the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration released the implementation plan on promoting the high-quality development of new energy in the new era.

It aims to anchor the goal that China’s total installed capacity of wind and solar power will reach more than 1.2 billion kw by 2030, and accelerate the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

Y sentiment has been normalized.

With the sound of returning to work and production approaching, the most difficult days have passed.

There are only many more policies in the future, and there will be more and more opportunities for the stock market.

In addition to the news from the national development and Reform Commission, Maotai is hot again today.

The reason for this hot search is that Maotai ice cream is online.

Today, the Baijiu plate has risen sharply across the board.

Wuliangye has just held the shareholders’ meeting, and the board of directors has also been changed.

The annual target of the revenue side continues to maintain double-digit growth, and the share price has risen by 5%.

Shanxi Fenjiu performance exchange meeting also said that it would not adjust the annual growth plan.

In addition, Xujiahui, a popular retail stock, rose by the daily limit again today, and its share price has doubled in just over a month.

With the continuous positive progress in the prevention and control of Y situation in China, the superposition of “steady growth” policies is expected to usher in collective efforts in June.

From the perspective of local consumption incentives, many cities have recently issued policies to stimulate consumption, and some cities have also issued consumption vouchers, In the future, more cities will successively introduce consumption related policies, which is also conducive to the interpretation of consumer sentiment.

From a technical point of view, the market is in a tangled situation.

Both bears and bulls may not be able to put down their big stones.

Bulls certainly hope to break through the 3150 pressure level at one stroke, but they can’t break it for a long time.

Bears hope to dive in front of the pressure level, but they are pulled back after a small dive.

It feels like they are in a dilemma at this position.

Now, in fact, they are waiting for the market to give us an answer, I subjectively believe that the market should hit the previous 3153 points higher.

If the positive line can be released with strength, it will basically be over the pressure level.

If it breaks through and then falls back, there will be a top deviation at this time.

This is something we should guard against.

I still see 3300 points first in the general direction.

Cyclists hope that everyone can develop the good habit of reading and looking good.

If my analysis benefits you, you don’t need any reward or appreciation.

I just hope to forward and share the circle of friends.

Thank you very much!..