A good place to ride! These high-value greenways in Hangzhou are waiting for you to punch in!

Let’s go! In the early summer of Hangzhou, let’s take a “walk away” ride! The greenway around Qingshan Lake in Lin’an runs through the whole Qingshan Lake greenway, with a total length of 42.195km, which is consistent with the length of the International Marathon track.

Taking the greenway as the carrier, the cultural and natural landscapes are connected in series.

Ride on the shady greenway, pick up the rhythm of “slow life” in the reinforced concrete city, and look for the early summer time in Lin’an.

The greenway around Qingshan Lake connects the nodes such as lawn Park, Qinshan Blue Bay, and aquatic forest along the lake.

The mountains and lakes along the line form an interesting scene step by step.

During the journey, the cool wind blows across the face and lifts your eyes to the mountains.

It is integrated with the Qingshan Lake National Forest Park.

Picture source: 701208472615911465 tuankou ecological sightseeing greenway.

When you mention the tuankou in Lin’an, you may think of the hot spring with curling hot air, but there is still a Greenway hidden here! The tuankou ecological sightseeing greenway is a sightseeing greenway.

The ecological environment on both sides of the greenway is beautiful and has the characteristics of tuankou.

The original river ecological environment is retained on the bank side and the original cultivated land environment is retained on the other side.

The first phase of the tuankou ecological sightseeing greenway starts from the living room of the tuankou town and ends at the rope surface culture square, with a total length of about 2km and a width of 3.5m.

There is a post station, paved with colored asphalt, which can provide recreational functions such as battery car sightseeing, bicycle riding and tourists’ slow walking.

Source: 89010249150977 Longwu Hejia village cycling Park Longwu Hejia village cycling park has the first standard mountain bike track in Hangzhou, with a total length of 5.9 kilometers, surrounded by mountains and rivers and tea gardens, which is known as the “most beautiful track in Hangzhou”.

The mountain bike track between B & B, tea garden, reservoir and stream passes through Longwu tea town and other characteristic villages to enjoy the scenery of the tea garden, enjoy the fun of riding, wash your heart and nourish your lungs.

For young friends who first come into contact with riding, Longwu is the most suitable route, adding a lot of mountain and water pleasure to the originally boring sports.

Hejia village is located at the foot of feifeng rock in Hengshan mountain range.

There is a Longjing tea garden on the slope.

Hejia river flows quietly behind the village and runs through the whole village.

The picture of the source of the village shows that: 1065849718581362778 lanli scenic area is a slow-moving greenway.

The slow-moving Greenway in lanli scenic area has a total length of 12 kilometers.

Viewed from the air, it is like a ribbon and a clear river port.

It winds through the whole scenic area, with 3 comprehensive post stations and 3 temporary drop off points.

The footpaths run through lanli scenic area Around the villages of Beltway village and Hualian village, there are many cultural and natural landscapes, such as Qianping Lake shadow, Shuiqu Hexiang, dragon boat wharf, rose fragrance Town, Hualian Park, cultural auditorium, Taiwan style food street, etc.

while riding, you can also feel the scenery of Hangzhou City, which is not boring.

Picture source: 1419241448816640029 the beautiful scenery of Xianghu Lake Green Road around Xianghu Lake, which many little friends have heard of, There is also a greenway around the lake where you can see the beautiful scenery of Xianghu Lake! Built by the waterfront, the leisure greenway around the lake, also known as “colorful greenway”, contains seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Each color lasts about 1 kilometer.

It is a circle around the lake in phase III, connecting all the scenic spots in phase III of Xianghu lake.

You can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Xianghu Lake.

Have you heard the secrets hidden in the early summer wind? You can take the recommended route: Chuyang Terrace – siting bridge – Zhenghe bridge – Meishan – Jinsha playing in the water – he Gongdi – Dingshan square – Dingshan Island West – Xianghu road – back to chuyang terrace figure source: 1117772961194442770 Qiandao Lake the landscape of Qiandao Lake along Chunyang line has always been praised by people.

You can have a ride in this place with mountains and rivers, and each frame of scenery is a feast for the eyes.

Chun Yang highway starts from Qiandaohu town of Chun’an County and ends at fenkou town in the county.

It is 64.6 kilometers long.

On one side, there are sparkling waves and on the other side, there are green mountains.

It gives people the pleasure of “walking on the road, like traveling in a painting”.

Follow the recommended route to find the good scenery of Qiandao Lake in early summer: Qiandao Lake Square – shangjiangbu bridge – Anyang Township – Dashu town – Xiajiang village – fenkou town tuyuantuchong: 367560372090306560 source: Hangzhou local treasure (the copyright belongs to the original author, and this official account is only used for public welfare publicity.

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