[new riding experience] I feel more beautiful in the mountains

Today, I went to another mountain, bajiaotai mountain, in the morning exercise and cycling.

This is a place I have never heard of.

This time, I finally got my wish.

At the entrance to the foot of the mountain, I saw many people going in and out.

Is it so popular here? Some people drive here and change their shoes to prepare for running.

There is a railing at the door, so the car can’t get on, but I can go by bike.

I haven’t ridden the road ahead.

I really can’t pedal the slope.

It’s hard to push.

Looking at the excellent riding road in front of me, I thought it would be great to ride down from the top of the slope.

Sooner or later, some riders slipped down from it.

It turned out that I wasn’t the only one coming by bike.

When I arrived at a viewing platform, I stood at the railing and looked at the tall buildings in the distance and the winding plank road of the mountain.

At this moment, I wanted to recite a poem.

Haha, however, the level of the beauty was limited.

It was difficult to describe my feelings, so I had to take some photos as a souvenir.

Instead of climbing the plank road, I rode and pushed up the road.

The higher I went, the more I saw the city.

I took out my telescope and watched it closely.

At first glance, I look like this.

People think I’m very professional.

Ha ha.

Further up, you will reach the real octagonal platform.

People will come here to turn around and walk down the road.

They feel that there is nothing to see.

When an old man saw me walking back, he told me that there was a Deng Xiaoping auditorium below.

I went to look for it.

It was really unusual.

The murals recorded in it really shocked me.

They are not only detailed but also lifelike.

They are made of metal.

They look great.

This is the military observation platform where Comrade Deng Xiaoping watched the military exercises.

I stayed here for a long time.

I saw a vast area in front of me, which made people feel very comfortable.

It seemed that I was also infected with that spirit.

This is the end of the tour.

I’m ready to return home.

The plan is to try to take the mountain road back, that is, from bajiaotai mountain to ci’er mountain, and then down the mountain.

The real winding mountain ridge road has not been taken, but it has been said that there is such a way to look at the map.

It’s just that the road is more rugged than I thought.

I had to push and ride again until I reached a comfortable place.

It turns out that bajiaotai mountain and ci’er mountain are connected by such a road.

After the thrill of going up and down the slope, I saw the Haihui tower cemetery behind Yunquan mountain temple in ci’er mountain, which is very spectacular from a distance.

I went on, climbed over another mountain and found more beautiful scenery.

What surprised me most was that this special road began to become an asphalt road, no longer a gravel road.

The blue sky and white clouds with such an asphalt road were really like a road to the sky.

I stopped to see the scenery for a long time before I started.

All the way down the slope, we made sharp turns, which was both thrilling and exciting.

One before going downhill.

This sightseeing and cycling trip has basically ended here.

Although it seems hard to go back and forth for dozens of kilometers, I don’t feel tired looking at different landscapes all the way.

Instead, I am full of expectations for unknown roads and landscapes.

After many mountain forest experiences, I found the beauty of nature and the unique charm of Zhangjiakou.

It turns out that this sentence is true, not that there is no beauty, but that there is a lack of eyes to find beauty.

Once you have this eye, you can find beauty everywhere…