My son is suffering from Internet addiction. My father spent two years riding most of China to fight against online games and failed to save

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Is this a good question for father’s day? Or is it an important issue? Let’s look at the event itself from a relaxed perspective.

Can you indulge in online games for 12 years? Is it a good online game? You know, it seems that only worldofwarcraft is the online game that has been established for 12 years in China.

If you have been playing worldofwarcraft for the past 12 years, that can only explain one problem.

Not that the game is too fun, but that the game world is too real.

If you haven’t been playing the same online game for 12 years.

Then the problem is really complicated.

Why do you say so? Let’s start with the first case.

Worldofwarcraft has basically no appeal to young people nowadays.

Because this game is very difficult to get started and requires a lot of time.

In other words, this is a simplified version of the real world.

It is full of accumulation and randomness, two key elements of the real world.

It is needless to say that the relatively fair randomness is the key to ensure that worldofwarcraft can always attract a group of fans.

Unlike the current games, the rare items in them can be finally obtained through krypton gold.

In worldofwarcraft, except for the equipment that will be scrapped with the version update.

Many items like mounts are obtained randomly.

Maybe some people hit a hit, maybe some people can’t get it after playing for more than ten years.

Even if you brush the copy a thousand times, tenthousand times.

A 1% drop in book value will not happen.

This randomness is actually a typical portrayal of the real world.

We call it “this is life”.

But worldofwarcraft is a man-made world after all, which is extremely simplified compared with the real world.

Most of the sense of gain still follows the principle that there is a reward for paying.

Living in such a world is mentally relaxing.

This is actually very easy to understand.

This is the life that Xiao Zheng is really willing to consume his life.

It’s just that people have entered the meta universe ahead of time, but onlookers can’t understand it.

Oh, there is another situation, that is, they have not been playing the same online game for the past 12 years.

This is a little more complicated.

If a game can not provide immersion, but pure physiological stimulation.

For example, games like dota.

It is the pleasure of fighting, double killing, triple killing and winning.

This physiological pleasure is usually unsustainable for ordinary people.

The reason is very simple.

People have a threshold for physiological satisfaction.

Over time, this threshold will become higher and higher.

Conventional victories often no longer bring satisfaction.

Unless it is to turn the tables with one’s own strength, or to play a superb cooperation.

Then, there will be higher demands.

The game process is uncontrollable, and the fairness of the game also has an upper limit.

So I have been addicted to games for 12 years, but I am not addicted to the same game.

This is very patient.

What is it that can keep a person’s faith in such a boring game.

Instead of looking for other freshness in reality.

This injury should be traced back to its source.

However, it is obvious that there is a more important point is that the father is so powerless.

It is because he did not realize that his expectations should not have existed.

He is like a fighter who wants to fight against the online games that his son is addicted to.

But this is no match for him.

Just as windmills are no match for Don Quixote.

What is interesting about the news is that the father not only rode China’s anti online games, but also joined many parents to write a book, calling for the closure of online games.

This proved that the father was deficient in the ability to judge and solve problems.

Maybe it’s because you are in it and you are obsessed with it.

Let’s take an objective look at this appeal.

Are cigarettes harmful? Is secondhand smoke harmful? Isn’t the disease and suffering caused by tobacco and the cost paid by the medical insurance fund high? Yes, it’s high, but it’s not higher than the tax that the tobacco industry can bring.

This is the real world.

Are online games harmful to people? At least this is the judgment that adults should make.

It is not as objective and harmful as tobacco.

What is the tax revenue brought by online games? The father called for the closure of online games because his son played games.

Isn’t this the same as letting the world revolve around you? This is a lack of ability to judge problems.

Let’s talk about solving the problem.

Two father and son have no communication, just like two people in a parallel world.

What is the most likely cause? It’s because the son doesn’t believe that his father can take him out of the online game world.

In other words, I don’t believe that the real world can be better than the game world.

No one knows why.

But Xiao Zheng’s family should know.

Maybe it’s an inconspicuous sentence, maybe it’s a trivial matter.

But there must be a knot there.

After seeing the father’s actions, I believe that even if Xiao Zheng had confessed his heart knot at some time in the past.

But it must not get the desired response.

Because the parallel world often comes into being at that moment.

Internet addiction, in fact, is a commonplace thing.

Now the post-80s and post-90s children have reached the age of “Internet addiction”.

But who cares? They were born in such an era of information flooding.

Searching for valuable information in the flood of information is the basic ability.

Games are just one kind of information.

Whether to fall into the whirlpool of information, or to grasp the information with ease, originally needs training.

Everyone has the right to choose how to live.

What parents can do is just accompany..