Pride theme ride through Waterloo, police are investigating a shooting incident in Ontario

On Friday night, dozens of people gathered to ride pride themed bicycles across Kitchener.

“Thetogetherinpride” was jointly organized by the municipal government, kW consulting service company and spectrum.

This group is composed of a part of lgbtq2s+ community and its supporters.

They left the parking lot of the consulting service center and began their 7 km journey.

Opp is investigating a shooting incident in Simcoe, Ontario.

According to the released information, the police were called to a family in weststreet at about 11 a.m.

on Saturday.

Opp said that after their arrival, they found a female gunshot wound patient who was sent to a local hospital.

Police believe that the suspect fled the area in an unknown vehicle.

“I can tell people that there will be more policemen present.” In a news update on Sunday, police said the suspect was a heavy black man with dirty pigtails.

He wore a gray sweater and dark pants on an SUV parked on nelsonstreetsouth.

The car was described as red or burgundy and was last seen driving at queensts.

Anyone who knows about the incident should contact the police station.

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