Diary of a girl riding | ants and carabiners

On the way back, there was a retrograde Road, so the cart was walking on the sidewalk.

The ants were busy digging holes.

The two of us squatted and watched while making trouble (filling the ant hole).

An ant who was confused by us thought that this position was a buried ant hole.

He dug hard and kept tossing his front legs.

Which is the best excavation technology? Please see the ants digging the wall.

I met another carapace guard.

His big jaw is a little strong.

He bit the satchel belt hard and clamped it hard.

Do you dare to harass me? Hum! After watching it for a while, it really doesn’t relax, so it doesn’t matter.

Realizing that there was no danger, he loosened his jaws and slipped away..