Model love letter on safety responsibility of riding activities riders should understand!

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Thank you for your support! The farther you ride, the more difficult and risky it will be.

Therefore, we need to clearly realize that cycling is a risky sport.

When you get on your bike and prepare for a long trip, please remember these contents.


Outdoor cycling is a dangerous and unpredictable outdoor sport.

The purpose of this agreement is to let participants know more about the risks in riding activities, improve their safety awareness, standardize their behavior, be responsible for themselves, their teammates and their families.


Cycling activities are made of AA.

As a carrier of cycling activities and dating platform, we remind cyclists to agree to the following requirements when participating in cycling activities! Before you can participate in cycling activities! 3.

In order to make riding safer and happier, please read carefully.

Participants must agree to participate in the activity! Don’t sign up if you don’t agree! Exemption agreement 1.

I am an adult with full civil capacity.

If I am a minor under the age of 18, I need the signature and consent of my guardian.

Volunteer to participate in activities! All members of the team are in an equal position.

The division of labor is only to give full play to their respective advantages, and there is no relationship between superiors and subordinates or between commander and commanded.


In the event, the initiator is only responsible for the convening, coordination and technical support of the event, and the initiator is not responsible for anyone’s safety! 3.

The promoter shall not bear civil liability or supplementary civil liability for any individual or institution.

The sponsor only provides information release services for outdoor activities, and does not guarantee or provide the personal and property security of any participant.


The premise of participating in the activity is that the protective equipment is complete (including but not limited to helmets and gloves) and the bicycle is in normal condition.

Participating in the activity means that the equipment has been confirmed to meet the requirements and agreed to be responsible for it.


The use of physical activities and equipment is potentially harmful.

Fitness and leisure activities also include the risk of injury, heart disease and even death.

Therefore, we agree to bear and accept any and all risks of injury, even death, and exempt all other peer members of the event from legal liability.


When colleagues need assistance, they should do so within their ability and without unreasonable danger to themselves.

Assistance behavior is a kind of friendship and mutual assistance behavior, which does not produce the relationship of rights and obligations in law.


During the activity, if the property loss or personal injury of a third party is caused due to personal behavior, the party concerned shall bear the responsibility independently and exempt all other peer members from the liability for compensation.


Due to the unpredictability and risks of outdoor sports, we should understand the significance of accidental injury insurance and health insurance, ride traffic safety and other risks, and underwrite them independently.


For safety reasons, everyone must buy insurance.


All participants are deemed to agree with the above terms…