(cycling activities) Leisure cycling in the suburbs on Saturday

(cycling activities) Leisure cycling in the suburbs on Saturday.

This activity is specially prepared for novices or friends who like outing and low-intensity cycling.

Departure time: 8 a.m.

on Saturday (May 28).

Departure place: approximate road of the square line in front of the Convention and Exhibition Center: Convention and Exhibition Center – East Station – Jinfeng reservoir – Wangjiapo reservoir – three ancient camphor trees – east station.

The total mileage is about 26 kilometers.

Welcome to meet by chance, Special reminder: those who do not wear helmets are not allowed to participate in this activity! Disclaimer: riders must participate voluntarily At your own risk The principle of self responsibility is the premise Actively participate in this activity with the permission of physical and mental conditions! Please warm up before you leave Avoid injury in sports During the ride Should also be based on their physical condition at that time do according to one’s ability.

In case of maladjustment such as lack of mental support You should have a rest in time Adjust or stop motion In case of accidents! Because of an accident Climate change When the physical injury of participants is caused by unpredictable factors such as acute disease or traffic accident The injured person agrees and waives the civil liability of the activity initiator (or Yueyang Merida sunshine cycling club)! All voluntary participants are deemed to have accepted this statement! Hereby declare!!!..