Riding safety starts with “head”

With more and more electric vehicles on the road, there are more and more serious traffic accidents caused by electric vehicles not driving according to traffic regulations and not wearing helmets according to regulations.

There is only one life, and safety begins with the “head”.

For motorcycle and electric bicycle riders, wearing helmets correctly is the last guarantee in case of traffic accidents! How important is it to wear a helmet correctly—— According to statistics, motorcycles, electric bicycles and cars are the vehicles that cause the most deaths in traffic accidents.

About 80% of the deaths of motorcycles and electric bicycles are caused by craniocerebral injury.

The head is the most vulnerable and vulnerable part of the human body.

The speed of electric bicycle can reach 25km / h.

When an electric bicycle accident occurs, it has a strong impact on the driver.

Relevant research results show that when an accident occurs, riding helmets can absorb most of the impact force and play the role of cushioning and shock absorption.

They can reduce the proportion of injured people by 70% and the mortality rate by 40%.

The head injury rate without helmets is 2.5 times higher than that without helmets, and the fatal injury without helmets is 1.5 times higher than that without helmets.

For electric bicycle drivers, helmets are equivalent to the seat belts worn by car drivers, Head injury is the main cause of death, serious injury and disability of electric cyclists.

It is the last line of defense for cyclists when they encounter danger.

A group of moving pictures shows the difference between wearing helmets and not wearing helmets: how to choose watermelon helmets without helmets—— It is very important to recognize the mark.

Generally, helmets are mainly divided into four types: “full helmet”, “3 / 4 helmet”, “half helmet” and “upward lifting helmet”.

Full helmet: it protects all positions of the head, including the chin.

It is the best helmet.

But this kind of helmet has poor air permeability.

It’s easy to say in winter.

It’s muggy to wear it in summer.

If you often travel between urban and rural areas and often travel with cars on the road, you can consider this helmet.

3 / 4 helmet: this kind of helmet only protects three-quarters of the head, so it is named.

It gives consideration to both protection and ventilation.

It is a common helmet.

If you want to be protective but not too boring, choose it.

Half helmet: it is a common helmet on the road at present.

Although it is convenient to wear, it can not well protect the driver’s safety, because it can only protect the safety of the overhead area.

If you need to take off your helmet often, it’s really convenient.

Flip up helmet: it is a “supplement” to the full helmet.

It can turn the chin device completely up, from a full helmet to a 3 / 4 helmet.

For some cyclists with large heads, it can be easily worn and protected by full helmets.

However, no matter what kind of helmet, you must recognize this sign.

Wear helmets ≠ wear helmets – helmets are safe to wear! Small helmets are powerful and can protect your life at critical moments.

Remember to wear safety helmets correctly when riding motorcycles and electric bicycles.

Ride safely, starting with the “head”.

📑 Editor: Zhao Zijun 📑 Reexamination: Zhang Peng 📑 Final: Gaocun No 📑 Source: Poster news..