LV bicycle 180000! This damn senior, absolutely

Backstage reply | Baodian | get “50 marketing must read books + marketing kit” for free | author | Li Dongyang | source | chief marketing officer believes that many people must have a romantic scene of riding a bicycle in their mind.

At the time of the fire of the TV series “a little smile is the city”, I watched Xiao Nai carrying Bei Wei through the campus.

This romantic scene stimulated my heart.

At that time, my mind was full of imagination, thinking that one day I would take her to the campus, watch the night scenery and blow the river wind! This is not true.

Two days ago, LV released a Gaoding bike and rode the romance on this bike to the streets of Paris! △ LV bicycle can enjoy the fun of free galloping without gasoline.

In the advertisement released, a pair of urban men and women ride through the streets of Paris as if they were going on a romantic date.

In the heroine’s slow narration, the camera follows the male and female protagonists across the famous blocks of Paris: from Fontaine square to Prince’s Square, from new bridge to Notre Dame bridge, showing the romance of Paris in early autumn.

Color deduces style and elegant travel posture.

A few simple shots will force a luxury to full marks.

Sure enough, you have to look at big names to pretend to be forced.

The poster is also full of romantic Street Style: modern style and retro interest complement each other, inspired to interpret the artistic lifestyle and enjoy the infinite scenery of cycling.

It is understood that LV launched two bicycles – closed frame and step through, in cooperation with maisontamboite, a handmade bicycle manufacturer in Paris founded in 1912.

In recent years, mobile phone chips have developed to 3 nm.

It’s still manual to make a bicycle.

It’s really a craftsman! When it comes to the price, it’s also a good taste.

The price of both bicycles is 20200 pounds, about 180000 yuan, which is the price of a Mercedes Benz a series.

Someone once said that he would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle.

At this price, I’m afraid I’ll have to walk and cry in the future.

Such a high price makes me wonder, why did Louis Vuitton find a bicycle brand to co sign? Is this car a premium just because it is co branded with luxury brands, or is it really worth it? After checking, we know that maisontamboite is also the LV in the bicycle industry.

In 1912, Leon leynaud, founder of Maison tamboite, launched the first bicycle retail brand lescyclesrych in Montmartre heights on the right bank of the Seine River in Paris.

At that time, he was only 33 years old and was an artist who loved painting.

Later, because the force was too high, it closed down! Maison tamboite is a brand newly established by Leon’s grandson Fuxing family brand in 2014.

He once said that like clocks, jewelry, handbags and works of art, bicycles can also become a luxury accessory and have a real emotional resonance.

This is exactly what the rich want.

At Maison tamboite, every bicycle is customized for individuals and is modeled through modern digital methods.

Each custom bike takes at least 3 months to complete.

When the bicycle is delivered to the user, it will be accompanied by a booklet, which records the whole production process of the bicycle.

At the same time, each car is engraved with a unique number, and a tracker is installed in the car.

If it is lost, it can be located and tracked.

With exquisite production technology and careful design, Maison tamboite is regarded as a symbol of French craftsmanship and elegance.

Its fans include Paris celebrities such as dancer, singer Josephine Baker, actor Maurice Chevalier and singer songwriter Edith Piaf.

In this way, does this pair of CP match very well? I feel that LV is forced to improve by maisontamboite.

Since it is a joint name with LV, the most indispensable thing on lvbike is, of course, the classic Monogram printing pattern.

The style covered with LV selected leather can be seen in important positions such as cushion, LV shaped frame, handle and brake line.

In addition, in order to avoid being stolen, the car is also equipped with an integrated tracker, which can conduct real-time positioning and tracking through the app dedicated to the mobile phone.

I don’t think it’s easy to steal.

After all, which thief dares to ride such a dazzling bicycle.

In addition, LED lights are set under the lvbike cushion and the basket, which can be easily started by touching when riding at night.

Don’t tell me, I can imagine the romance of this autumn night.

For this bike, netizens are even highly consistent with the aesthetics of luxury goods this time.

They praise this exquisite high-grade, absolutely! I suddenly had a bold idea that if Moby and harrow put such shared bicycles, the buses and subways would be closed.

In fact, in addition to LV, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, f.