Cool! Senior high school students won Qiu Chengtong Award for creating unmanned bicycles

Recently, Shi Mulang, a senior three student of Hangzhou No.

9 middle school, won the 2021 Qiu Chengtong Middle School Science Award for his “assisted driving self balancing bicycle” project.

The bicycle can transmit the data back to the “central brain” above the rear wheel in real time through the “eyes” of the handle and the lidar of the cushion, and drive according to the optimal path while maintaining balance.

Shi Mulang has been interested in information technology since the third grade of primary school.

In the fifth grade, he made a robot that can realize man-machine dialogue.

In the second grade of senior high school, he invented “a robot that can write poetry”.

He likes drumming related technology and likes to read papers in international journals.

In the past year of car building, Shi Mulang wrote code, did simulation experiments, constantly debugged the system, and finally successfully completed the project.

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