Lazy cancer riding Huanhua 2022 D13

On June 222022, D13, Baihe Station – Shengui Pavilion, Guankou Town, 60km, weather 23-37, sunrise 5:35, sunset 19:52, approaching noon, the highest temperature has become 39 degrees.

Still high temperature orange warning.

Last night, several young motorcycle friends made jokes and bombed the street, tossing about until nearly 12 o’clock.

Dear parents, please take care of your daughter, and female friends, please take care of your buttons.

Otherwise, a careless girl will become someone else’s so and so girl.

It was hot last night and I didn’t sleep well.

I know that nine times out of ten I have no strength today.

So in the morning, I rode slowly along the Han River.

There are many public toilets along the way, as well as many dry latrines built in their own homes.

Many of them are divided into men and women.

After a while, it stinks.

When I think of the latrines along the Jinsha River, they really flow down 3000 feet.

And many of them are made of wood.

I’m afraid that if one foot misses, people will follow.

I ate two ShaQima in the morning and set out.

The sky was a little gray, and I had no feeling all the way.

At 7:30, I found a public toilet and got a large size.

After coming out, I really want to break some corn to take away.

Look at this head.

It should be ready to eat.

However, only a few square meters of land were planted, and the lack of two was too conspicuous.

Along the river in the morning, Hubei is opposite the Han River.

I think of Wujiang River in Chongqing.

I rode along the river for a few days.

At that time, Guizhou was opposite the river.

I passed by several towns and didn’t see anyone having breakfast.

I still wanted to eat something.

Then I didn’t buy any water, although there was still water in the bag.

This kind of scenery is common all the way.

In fact, it is quite good.

The road is always along the river.

There are few cars.

It is very comfortable.

At that time, I thought the reflection of the bridge was interesting, but I didn’t think it was the last bridge across the river.

After crossing the bridge, I passed a village, lantankou village.

It sounds strange.

It’s a big village.

Check nucleic acid.

The results of yesterday’s test haven’t come out yet.

I checked the results in Hubei.

I said Hubei didn’t do it either, so I did it once in my hometown before departure.

He showed me the results and let me go.

The main reason is that yesterday’s results didn’t come out.

There was a list.

He knew that he must have done it in Shaanxi, otherwise he must have done it again.

After crossing the town, there is no way.

Two Han River bridges are under construction, one old bridge is under reconstruction, and another is new.

I think the piers have been built.

Walking on, I asked a fellow villager.

She said that the power station ahead could be walked, but the bicycle might not be able to cross.

There was a ferry ahead.

Look at the map navigation.

It is also a ferry.

When you go to the power station, pedestrians can pass through.

There is a small gate like a gate.

Bicycles can pass through, but not with camel bags.

Not wanting to open the camel bag, I decided to make a ferry.

A fellow villager said that the ferry took money! The other said, just take the money! I went to the ferry and went down a steep slope.

The brakes were pinched and I was more worried about the forward somersault.

The charge was 5 yuan.

The motorcycle boy came to buy a ticket.

The conductor said that the motorcycle was 10 yuan.

The little brother’s face was speechless.

The motorcycle brother looks very simple and honest.

He looks very good-looking.

He said that his motorcycle has been at home for 5-6 years.

This time, he rode it to Ankang and gave it away.

It’s also a waste to put it at home, and he has to buy insurance.

If he puts it again, it’s estimated that it will be scrapped.

On the other side, it is also a steep slope.

I don’t think it is so steep.

It’s not a big problem to ride it.

But this sudden steep start is too hard, so I decided to push it up and feel the feeling of the cart party.

Verify again, reload, cart is more tired than riding.

This ride, easy, push up, calf and buttock muscles tight, this is only 20 meters.

It may be that the posture of cycling and carting are different, and the muscle groups are different.

Whether to push the cart depends on yourself! I don’t push the National Road and the path with good road conditions.

I haven’t pushed it, so I don’t push it.

I’m just used to it.

An exception may be made this time.

In particular, the 303 section behind the Tang fan ancient road and the Ali middle line are said to be small roads.

It is impossible to ride on Tibetan roads again.

Not to mention the Tibetan area, as long as it is a mountainous area, the general kind of thief steep path can not be ridden by heavy equipment, and it is difficult to say if it is light equipment.

After crossing the river, I had a headache.

I didn’t bother to take out the water in the bag.

The water was cut off for a while.

I bought water, green tea and a bottle of drink, 3 packages of crispy noodles, rest in the shade of the front room, and have something to eat.

After a meeting, an old man opened the door and looked.

I said to have a rest.

After another meeting, the uncle opened the door and said that four carts of his family would come back later.

I said that I would leave immediately, pack up my things, get out of town and change places.

In some places in the countryside, some older people did not like strangers to stay at the door of their home.

In their time, strangers were generally not good near the door.

Just like in the city, many community security guards do not allow strangers to wander around the community, especially in the villa area.

It’s hot at noon, and I’m a little sleepy.

I want to sleep.

After a short rest in another place, I had a sweaty sleep and decided to continue my journey.

After crossing the river, I almost forgot the 1777 milestone.

After more than 10 kilometers, I arrived at Guankou Town, and there was a pavilion by the river, called the turtle Pavilion.

After reading the introduction, it is used to guard the river water.

There are similar things in many places near the river, such as stone cows and stone turtles.

In ancient times, many rivers were easy to flood or the water potential was too strong, and it was easy to capsize.

Then he made this set of things to worship, hoping for good luck.

This kind is good.

It’s terrible to have animals or even human sacrifice! I’m glad I live in modern society, otherwise I would be dragged to sacrifice.

The tortoise is locked up.

I don’t know if it will affect its performance! The pavilion has two floors.

There is a chess board on the upper floor and four cement brick benches.

The stairs up are spiral.

Moreover, the second floor is much cooler than the lower floor.

I continued to rest and slept for a while.

I really didn’t sleep well last night.

I slept until more than 2 o’clock, blew the river wind, looked at the river, suddenly didn’t want to go, and decided to camp here at night..