Huadu lake and Furong peak in Guangzhou (cycling for 60 kilometers)

Get up at 5 o’clock, dismantle the front wheels, pack them, put down the two positions in the back row, and just make trouble.

When we get to Xiasha, it will soon be dawn to connect Xiaoou.

We immediately get on the expressway for 160 kilometers, and arrive at the store in 2 hours.

We change our cycling clothes.

It is worth mentioning that in the morning, I saw the boy on the right who came to the store and met him when riding in furongzhang in the afternoon.

We also said hello.

Haha, I took a turn in the store first.

The highway car rented by Xiao Ou is a little high.

The boss took off the seat and sawed a piece.

At this time, I said to Xiao ou, ah, it’s good to ride standing like this.

There’s no need to sit all the way.

Hahahahahaha, the boss helped adjust their car and asked the boss to take a group photo before departure.

At the beginning of planning, I thought of going to Shamian LAN Kwai Fong for Guangdong morning tea.

Haizhu District informed me yesterday that there was a medium-risk community, so I immediately changed to Huadu.

There were 300 or 400 meters from the car store to here, and there were no people walking to the store on the first floor, We have some doubts.

Is this the phenomenon of morning tea shops? Only a few hanging cloth monkeys knew when they went to the bathroom.

It turned out that it was the hall on the second floor.

There were quite a lot of people.

After eating, our evaluation was general, and it was not as delicious as I expected.

Anyway, at least I ate the heart of Guangdong morning tea.

This kind of grandson’s feeling was really good.

Back to the car store, the mantis slowly passed by my handlebar, rubbed sunscreen, and set out, It feels very hot at this time, and the car shop is also very close to here.

Turn a few streets to 10:16 a.m.

and arrive at Huadu lake.

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