Cycling diary (11) — people are in trouble

I worry about two things most when I go cycling.

One is that there is something wrong with the car and the tire bursts.

It may not be difficult for people who can mend the belt, but it is simply helpless for riders like me.

Second, worry about rain.

Generally, people choose places with few people and traffic flow for cycling, mainly for safety reasons.

If it rains, there is no place to hide.

The embarrassment of hiding is really embarrassing.

For people who ride all year round, it’s not surprising to encounter these two things.

(1) Once I went over a mountain to a place.

After I finally climbed the mountain, a sign told me, “please detour before building a road.”.

The walking route pointed out to me by a local villager is the dirt road where they work in the field.

At that time, I didn’t think much.

I stepped on the bus and hurried, because it was still far from my destination and I had to rush home before dark.

Riding, I felt something wrong.

The car was a little bumpy.

I realized that the tire was punctured by a thorny grass vine on the ground.

I hurried back to the nearby village to find a place to repair the car, thinking that although bicycles are rare now, electric cars have become popular, and there must be places to repair cars.

Who knows that there is no place to repair cars in a small mountain village.

The enthusiastic villagers helped me get in touch with a person who can mend, but he can’t quench his thirst as far away as the county.

As it is a mountainous area, the villages are far away, and time cannot be delayed, so I have to push my car back the same way.

Today’s riding destination is definitely impossible.

There is a saying that it is easier to go up the mountain than down the mountain.

I pushed my car for an hour and a half on the mountain road less than ten miles before I got down to the bottom of the mountain.

Fortunately, there is a car repair place beside the mountain road, and my depressed mood is much better.

Although it is more than 70 miles away from home, there is no problem in repairing the car and rushing back before dark.

The car repairman unloaded the car belt and found six broken places.

The master said, I have repaired all kinds of car belts for many years, but I have never broken so many places at one time, so I can’t repair them.

I don’t have this model in this mountain village store.

What to do? I begged master to work hard and make up for it as long as he could get home.

The people in the mountains are really.

Seeing that it’s dusk and I’m far away from home alone, I lost no time to help me mend it.

It’s dark after mending.

I cleaned out the change of more than 20 yuan and thanked the master.

I turned on the car lights and ran all the way.

Fortunately, the newly built county road was fairly flat and there were few vehicles.

Soon I rode more than 30 miles away.

Suddenly, in a big downhill, I felt the wheel vibrate again.

I hurried down to have a look, and the tire was flat again.

There is no shop in front of the village, and there are more than 30 miles away from home.

What should we do? In desperation, I asked my children thousands of miles away to help me make an online taxi appointment.

Before long, a didi stopped in front of me.

The master looked and said that the rental fee at night was doubled, 70 yuan.

Although it is beyond my expectation, what can I do in the evening? This taxi is refitted with a liquid gas device.

A large liquid gas tank is placed in the trunk.

My mountain bike can only be placed in the back seat, and the door cannot be closed.

The master said that this was driving in violation of regulations and taking risks.

The police didn’t say anything about it after checking it.

They also gave me a severe punishment, asking me to add another ten yuan risk fee, and it could only be sent to a place more than 1000 meters away from home.

Because I have to pass by a place where the police often haunt when I go to my house.

When I pushed the car home, it was already past 9:30 p.m.

(2) Riding for nearly 20 years, I have rarely been exposed to rain.

This year, I have been exposed to rain threeorfour times in a row.

One day in June, I turned on my mobile phone and checked the weather of that day.

There was still light rain.

It was predicted that there would be light rain for several days.

It didn’t rain, or it rained a few drops symbolically, which made me stay at home and dare not go out.

It’s not that I’m afraid of getting wet, but that I love my mountain bike.

What should I do if it gets wet? Is it easy to buy a car? If you spend thousands of yuan, that program will be troublesome enough for you.

I’m going out today.

In case, I took my poncho with me.

I got on the car comfortably and skillfully walked through the busy streets.

After a while, I rode to the junction of urban and rural areas more than a dozen miles away.

Suddenly, strong winds rose everywhere, thunder exploded, and a black cloud shrouded his head.

The just cloudy weather suddenly changed his face, and then the big rain began to fall.

At first, I didn’t think it was a shower.

Then for a while, find a shelter from the rain and hide for a while.

I began to look for shelter from the rain.

Because it’s not a busy city, there are few roadside stores, and several places that can shelter from the rain are either blocked by a rope, or they have to wear masks and brush “travel code and nucleic acid code” to enter the door for registration, so the car can’t enter.

There are also people on duty at the village entrance not far away.

I let the people who took shelter from the rain look at my helpless face, and really realized the taste of helplessness.

At this time, it rained harder and harder.

Isn’t it a light rain forecast? Why is it still raining heavily? It is also a rare heavy rain in the memory of the city where I live.

I stood under the tall trees beside the road, and one by one huge thunder followed by dazzling lightning one after another.

It suddenly occurred to me that when I visited a scenic spot with my friends the day before yesterday, I saw a big tree bigger than the mouth of a bowl split by thunder I didn’t dare to think any more, so I put on my poncho and left the dangerous area.

The rain didn’t mean to stop.

People and cars were drenched.

It’s meaningless to look for a place to hide from the rain.

I rushed home directly in the rain.

There were no pedestrians or vehicles on the wide road.

I rode my beloved “BMW” in the rain that had been buried under my legs.

The herringbone waves split by the fast wheels became a beautiful scenery in the rain..