How to protect knees scientifically during cycling

Compared with other sports, the wear of the knee caused by cycling is very small.

In medicine, many doctors even suggest that some patients with lower limb injuries should undergo recovery training by cycling.

However, for any sports involving lower limb strength, it will more or less cause certain pressure damage to the knee.

Therefore, we should also pay attention to it and prevent it as early as possible in the daily cycling process.

Choose a bike of the right size when we buy clothes and pants, we should choose according to our own conditions, so that we can buy satisfactory clothes and pants and wear beautiful and comfortable.

Similarly, when we choose a bicycle, we should also choose it according to our height, leg length and arm span, so that we can not only ride comfortably, but also better protect ourselves.

After all, the wrong leg extension angle when treading will double the knee pressure.

To put it simply, the seat should not be too high or too low.

It is appropriate for the legs to be slightly bent and straightened when stepping on the bottom.

Choosing the right riding posture is not necessarily the right one.

In order to improve the riding speed and reduce the wind resistance, professional drivers usually try their best to drive ahead, but it is not necessary for us amateurs.

We are more comfortable and relaxed.

Therefore, we should not blindly learn from professional drivers in the process of riding.

Excessive aggressive riding posture may cause various fatigue damage to our ordinary people.

Don’t ride violently.

At present, you need to warm up in advance.

I think everyone knows this.

Similarly, we must make adequate warm-up preparations before the fierce cycling, especially as we get older.

The pedaling frequency should be appropriate.

During riding, the wear of the knee mainly occurs during pedaling.

At the beginning, many riders did not pay attention to the pedal frequency, but used the big wheel to lead Xiaofei to step on it.

This is very incorrect.

In some riding activities, Xiaobian often sees that many novices like to use the big wheel to lead Xiaofei to push, which will not only consume more physical strength, but also cause damage to the knee.

Don’t challenge the limit too often.

A motorist left a message on the official account: challenge the limit.

If the limit is exceeded, don’t try your best, or you will die.

This point is very reasonable, especially for some older riders, we should bear in mind.

Frequently challenging the limit and the body’s response to high-intensity high-frequency training without adequate adaptation will have a great impact on the joint synovium, joint lubricating fluid and calcium circulation system.

Strong muscle support combined with other exercise programs can effectively protect the health of the knee joint.

Therefore, in addition to riding, we can also strengthen the muscles around the knee joint by squatting and squatting…