The advantages of cycling and the formation following and rocking techniques during cycling

Bicycle is not only a good means of transportation, but also a good equipment for sports and fitness.

The obvious benefits of cycling are as follows: 1.

Cycling is undoubtedly a good way to lose weight healthily.

In the process of cycling, cycling has two effects on weight loss: on the one hand, it directly consumes a large amount of heat, oxidizes fat and reduces weight; On the other hand, it can improve the body metabolic consumption and increase the daily energy consumption, which can also achieve the goal of reducing weight.

Under the effect of these two aspects, we can build a perfect figure by insisting on cycling.

According to the research of the American College of sports medicine, correct cycling can help you maintain a healthy, energetic and slim body for up to 70%.


People who regularly ride bicycles have a 61% lower risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease than those who do not ride bicycles if they persist in riding more than 20 kilometers every day; 3.

For every 45 minutes of cycling, keep the heart rate between 90 and 110, and you can consume 1500 calories; 4.

Regular cycling can improve the health of tube function, especially for patients with heart, lung, heart and blood diseases; Adhering to cycling can reduce psychological pressure and improve physical and mental health.


Cycling is an aerobic exercise, which can benefit joint health without causing excessive load on joints and muscles, and has a positive rehabilitation effect on overweight people, such as gout, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, chronic arthritis and sub-health; 6.

Riding a bicycle can reduce the blood sugar level.

Diabetes is caused by the increase of sugar in the blood.

If the blood sugar level exceeds the necessary value, it will be accompanied by retinal disease, renal function damage, autonomic nerve disorder and other complications.

Obese people are prone to this disease because the energy they consume is far greater than the energy they consume.

Therefore, it is necessary to control diet and exercise to consume excess sugar in the body.

Cycling, such as cycling, is a kind of sports that can be easily carried out by the elderly and obese people with little burden on the heart and knees.


The culprit of Arteriosclerosis – low density lipoprotein cholesterol cholesterol is a kind of fat in the body that flows with the blood, but if it exceeds the normal value, it will be absorbed by the blood vessel wall and attached to the blood vessel wall.

This is low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), also known as bad cholesterol.

In contrast, there is another kind of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), also known as good cholesterol.

It absorbs excess bad cholesterol, but the bad cholesterol increases too much.

If the good cholesterol does not absorb and dispose of it, it will cause arteriosclerosis.

In order to prevent the growth of bad cholesterol, it is effective to control the intake of calories and diet therapy, while increasing good cholesterol through appropriate exercise can inhibit bad cholesterol.

The content of good cholesterol in the blood of healthy people is 40-70 ⏴ / dl.

With the stimulation of appropriate exercise, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the good cholesterol will increase.


The circulation movement of legs stimulates brain cells.

The action of pedaling on the bicycle pedal is carried out according to the instructions of the brain.

In addition, the contraction of muscles during the circulation movement of legs stimulates the brain.

The brain and muscles are connected by nerves, and there are numerous signal information transmitted back and forth.

That is to say, the circulation movement of legs during cycling can activate brain cells.


Control and balance: when the bicycle walks at the normal speed (20 ㎞ / h), the degree of force on the shoulders and arms, the direction of the handlebars, and the riding posture are unconsciously and naturally controlled.

In addition, when parking or starting at a slow speed, the brain will consciously control the balance, thus exercising the sense of balance and playing a role in preventing brain aging.

Next, let’s talk about the technical skills of formation cycling and rocking in the process of cycling in normal sports or training: whether in normal leisure cycling or competition, the correct use of riding technology is an indispensable main factor to achieve good results in long-distance cycling or competitive competition.

This is because when riding behind others, the front rider can break through the vortex generated by the air resistance to reduce the huge resistance caused by the air, so as to reduce the consumption of his own physical strength; Because when the riding speed is more than 25 km / h, 65% of the physical energy consumed by the physical energy will be used to overcome the resistance caused by the air.

For this reason, the key points of following the car (chasing the wind) technology are particularly prominent: first, shorten the distance from the car in front, so as not to affect the line of sight and make it easy to observe the road in front.

When riding on the road, the following distance is generally about 15-30cm.

At the same time, pay attention to the wind direction and wind force.

The wind is ushered in from the front, and one person shall lead the ride, while the others shall form a column behind, and follow the front car 15-30cm to the left or right.

If the wind comes from the left, you can follow the right rear of the car in front; The wind comes from the right, and you can follow the left side of the car in front.

If the crosswind is large, follow the vehicle in front closely; If the crosswind is small, follow the car in front a little farther.

When going downhill, ride to the side and turn back slightly to avoid accidents and keep a safe distance.

When riding with the car, lift your head slightly, look straight ahead with your eyes, and you can see the rear wheels of the car in front of you.

If you only look down at your front wheel, once there is an obstacle in front of you, you may fall down.

Of course, under the premise that the traffic is strictly controlled in the team competition, the road surface is in good condition, and it is also allowed to ride low for a short time to relax the neck muscles.

It is very easy for two cars to collide when following a car.

Most of them are caused by the front wheel of the car behind hitting the rear wheel of the car in front, losing balance and falling down.

When two cars are about to collide during fast riding, keep your head cool.

The leader in front of you should continue to move forward smoothly, and the follower behind you should not brake, just slow down slightly.

If the left side collides with the front car, the body and the car should be tilted to the right, and the handle should be turned to the right, so that the two cars can be separated gradually..