Broad minded youth ®| Wind chasing cycling camp (basic version), 18km cycling challenge, the new semester “riding” won; Young riders, come

“In the process of the child’s growth, we must let him (her) do something proud, because this is the greatest source of strength in his (her) future experience.”———— Froebel (f.w.a.froebel, 1782-1852) is a milestone in life for young people to measure the distance with wheels.

Through sweat and challenges, they experience perseverance and experience the broadness of life among mountains, rivers and rivers.

The course of “what is the youth cycling camp” focuses on forest cycling skills, interest cultivation and natural cognition.

Through riding experience, children’s balance is improved and their courage and self-confidence are cultivated.

In the morning, in the afternoon, facing the beautiful scenery all the way under the setting sun, sweating on the bicycle, maybe there will be a little haze in life.

Here, we will ride the wind together with “young cyclists”! Course objectives 01 safe riding skills and habits 02 improving attention and coordination 03 building self-confidence and self-esteem 04 taking bicycles as a viable means of transport 05 having fun in the unique camp course experience 01 riding skills this camp will be taught by professional cycling coaches of Luohe bicycle association on professional courses related to the riding system, from understanding the structure, use, skills, practice to final assessment, Cultivate children’s interest in outdoor sports and gain confidence and perseverance from practice! 02 emotion management for students, cycling around the river itself is a self competition of physical fitness, which can release students’ learning pressure and relieve negative emotions in life.

03 ability improvement cycling is only the carrier of activities.

There are training sessions for students’ character development in the activities to improve children’s self-confidence and problem-solving ability.

The highlights of the youth cycling camp activities are the formation of the cycling team.

The formation of the cycling team is also different.

Wearing cycling clothes and riding hats, shouting loud slogans, we are welcoming today’s happy journey.

You and I are heart to heart, hand in hand, and go together for the ride.

Riding training – the magic of love turns around a circle a qualified rider needs to have the most basic skills, to understand the traffic conditions of riding, and also to understand the cycling conditions.

The leader teacher will explain to the students the precautions for riding safety, as well as the bicycle safety inspection, and set up roadblocks to assess the students’ riding skills.

Team cooperation and interpersonal communication queue type cycling requires mutual cooperation among team members, cultivate team cooperation and communication skills, and learn to help each other.

Round the river rally — before the rally, the teacher will check the children’s car condition and equipment, and publicize the road map.

There are many beautiful scenery around the river, with flowers and water, and a group of young people who love cycling.

Let’s go! Outdoor picnic – punch in food: in the first half of the ride, the children consumed a lot of physical strength.

They need a big meal to fill their stomachs and prepare rich food materials for the children; After lunch, set up a tent and arrange a simple rest; Enjoy the beautiful time in autumn.

Round the river rally – the second half of the next rally is mainly to test children’s persistence and perseverance, learn to find their own scenery on the challenging Road, overcome fatigue and sleepiness, adhere to themselves, make unremitting efforts, and go to the destination.

Summary / sharing: the cycling activities of this day are over.

It is important for children to summarize their own experiences, gains and feelings, and integrate the gains and feelings into their future life to make every day meaningful.

Riding itself is uphill and downhill.

Just like life, you will experience many setbacks.

As long as you persist and learn to combine your advantages, you will reach the end.

Travel time: morning camp opening ceremony cycling precautions cycling queue arrangement cycling skills picnic, rest and afternoon warm-up training 18km cycling challenge relaxation training camp closing ceremony registration details [activity time] September 11 / 17 / 25, 2022 (one-day camp) September 2 / 7 / 16 / 22 / 30, November 5 / 13 / 20 / 26 [activity location] Shali River Scenic Area – Hongfeng square [suitable age] independent youth aged 6-15; 15 people in a group, 30 people in a group; The registration deadline is one day in advance; [clothing requirements] sports shoes, pants and pants; [equipment requirements] own car, helmet, protective equipment, gloves, etc; [activity consultation] 13721370213 coach Xue 15346029909 coach Zhang [course fee] 298 yuan / person 1.

Focus on becoming a fan; 2.

Forwarding friends circle: 278 yuan / person for old campers and 278 yuan / person for three new campers.

If you ask for leave on the day of the activity, you will not be refunded.

You can extend it for one period.

If it expires, you can replace it.

Please understand the inconvenience, thank you! [cost includes] round trip transportation, lunch, teaching aids, teaching fees, coaching fees, course design fees, equipment fees, high outdoor insurance, drinking water and banners; [environmental protection guidelines] 1.

Pay attention to the protection of the environment along the way.


Please respect other people’s sports habits along the way, and be courteous to each other when there are many people walking.


The participants of the activity are obliged to supervise the behaviors of their peers and staff.

In case of littering and damaging the environment, please remind and admonish them in time.

[safety guidelines] this activity is based on the principle of safety first, participation and happiness.

Every team member should have a good sense of safety.

The weather is changeable.

They should be fully prepared psychologically and physically.

The activities are leisure level.

They should not compete, show off their strength, or engage in personal heroism.

It is a wise choice to act according to their abilities.

Every team member participating in the activities is worthy of admiration.

[disclaimer] before registration, please confirm that your health condition is suitable for participating in this activity.

In case of physical discomfort during the activity, you should also raise it in time and inform the tutor team leader.

If an emergency occurs due to your health condition, the tutor team leader has the obligation to seek assistance, but the responsibility arising therefrom shall be borne by the registered participants..