Hip up temptation! Has the trend of cycling pants hit the country this year?

Two weeks ago, Yang Mi, the “Queen of goods”, was photographed at Changsha airport, wearing a pair of black tight sweatpants and showing comic legs! Yang Mi’s fashion sense in recent years is really obvious to all.

LV fisherman’s hat, Loewe fluorescent sweater, mixed with tight pants, you can control your skills easily! Song Zuer / delireba / song Yanfei, but when it comes to “tights”, the recent appearance rate is not generally high.

Zhang Liangying, Jing Tian, song Zuer, delireba All kinds of actresses have upper bodies! So why did “tights” suddenly catch fire? Kardashian family pants understand! In fact, the real identity of “tights” is Bike shorts.

It is an essential item for professional cyclists, with strong wrapping, which is conducive to relieving muscle fatigue; Nylon blended material can reduce the friction between skin and saddle; It’s such a hard core sports item, but the people who bring it into their daily clothes are Kardashian ~ Kourtney Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner.

Since last year, from sister Kourtney to sister Kylie, the women of Kardashian family have crazy upper body riding shorts ~ several hands, and the appearance rate is extremely high! Many European and American netizens also began to ridicule cycling pants as “Kardashian family pants” ~ and under the hard appeal of sister Kim, Kardashian’s “fashion girlfriends” have also embarked on cycling pants sports style ~ Sophie rose Paris Hilton Amina blue Sarah Snyder elastic and tight cycling shorts, showing their hips and long legs incisively and vividly! Who can stand this? Coupled with loose casual clothes, casual and fashionable, it can be said that it is most suitable in early summer! The last time the cool girl’s summer sports trend “riding shorts” became so popular, it can be traced back to the 1990s.

Princess Diana often wore loose sports clothes, stepped on a pair of pure white dad’s shoes, and jogged around Sloan square with stockings and riding pants, which caused the national sports trend at that time! Today, due to the resurgence of riding shorts, this summer light sports style is also popular again ~ it has obviously become a new trend in spring and summer this year.

Social media will push this trend to the public to the greatest extent.

Countless instagram fashion ladies, fashion celebrities and itgirl add casual sportswear to their wardrobe and wear list.

It’s not too eye-catching! The navel exposed bra with cycling pants is undoubtedly the perfect combination of domineering and sexy.

It can easily show a good figure ~ and this is also the symbol of Kardashian sisters.

It is cool and cool to wear.

It looks full of power and makes the girl look cool! An oversize sports sweater with cycling shorts, with long top and short bottom, creates a unique sense of freedom in summer ~ you can also pay more attention to the combination of colors.

The retro wave is becoming more and more intense, and the colorful neon upper body can make the whole person look more energetic! Taking advantage of this year’s sports trend, the adidas summer attack 2019 series with both trend and sports is online again! In the women’s sports style series, the mint green and light pink T-shirts are refreshing and straightforward, matched with the riding pants of the same color system up and down.

The design is simple and unique without losing fashion.

The overlapping of fluorescent green and white T-shirts and the iconic adidaslogo on the side of the close fitting riding pants perfectly interpret the sunshine image of its dynamic sports! The new season’s summerattack 2019 series continues the consistent simple design style, with neat tailoring to set off the bodybuilding body, and the colorful logo on the chest shows enthusiasm and vitality.

With tights, this is the hottest item at the moment.

While enjoying the summer time, show your true colors! Summerattack series men’s sports style has more colors and patterns! The clean and dry blue and white printed tee shirt is folded, matched with black basket camouflage pants and sneakers to easily create a sunny image of vigorous sports! Pure black allblack style with pink tee T-shirt embellishment, with a playful sense of conflict in the handsome ~ the classic ID shoulder drop design of black clothes, coupled with jacquard dark pattern, is clean and stylish; The comfortable and loose version highlights the wearer’s frankness and freedom! Male god Peng Yuyan will also choose summerattack as a daily comfortable wear! Taslado’s gold shirt shows the perfect charm! Moreover, the light and breathable # climalite technology fabric can effectively absorb the sweat on the skin and evaporate rapidly, providing the best support for summer activities! The latest season of Adidas summerattack Series in 2019 will be officially launched on May 16! Summer moves in a moment, releasing endless vitality! Like friends, hurry to Adidas official and major offline stores to buy it! Click below.