The teacher took 11 students to ride 1800 kilometers. The school leaders and parents were nervous, but

Xiao Pei said that in the critical period when students are about to become adults, the teacher has the courage to fulfill his commitment to students and teach students to grow with love and responsibility.

The five minute ride is one of the two promises made by LAN Huiyun, head teacher of grade three of No.

1 middle school in Shuocheng City, Shanxi Province, three years ago.

At the end of the college entrance examination, LAN Huiyun fulfilled his first promise: as long as students don’t skip classes and go to Internet cafes for three years, they will pack Internet cafes at their own expense and invite the whole class to stay up all night.

△ LAN Huiyun and his students “I feel that I have graduated in this way.

I always owe something in my heart.

What I tell them in class every day has not been verified by life.” LAN Huiyun, who has deep feelings with the students, wants to make up the last lesson for the children through riding.

“I’ve always felt that at the moment when the Internet is extremely developed, although scholars can travel 80000 miles a day without going out.

But it’s certainly not enough to know the world by relying on the Internet alone.

Only by stepping out, going out and reading can we make great progress in the EQ of children who are busy studying hard all day.” What if something happens on the way? Some colleagues believe that he is betting on his career.

Some parents firmly disagree for the sake of children’s safety.

The headmaster is also worried.

“The school is very inclusive and open.

Riding can temper the will and challenge inertia, but it does not advocate that all teachers follow suit.” Even, his college classmates joked that “see you on the news”.

LAN Huiyun, who had done enough preparation, didn’t say much, “I can only fight back with the children’s safe home.” Originally, more than 30 boys signed up to participate.

After intensive training, some couldn’t keep up with their physical fitness.

Only 11 stayed.

On June 12, LAN Huiyun set out with 11 students from Shuozhou, Shanxi Province.

Their destination is Shanghai thousands of miles away.

I didn’t expect that the biggest challenge facing cycling was in Shanxi Province.

There were many steep mountains and many carts.

“Endless uphill”.

LAN Huiyun rode a little desperate.

The children were much stronger than he thought.

He smiled and said that he had prepared some inspirational words for the children, but later they were all used on himself.

On the way, I found some scenery that can’t be seen in textbooks.

Because he is a geography teacher, LAN Huiyun often unconsciously takes his students to see the scenery from the perspective of geography.

“There are many shrubs in Shuozhou.

When we get to Taiyuan, it is a temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest, and then to the south, it is an evergreen broad-leaved forest.

The scenery changes and changes step by step.” They saw the withered and yellow wheat and newly sown corn appear in a picture at the same time, and saw the small farmyard with cooking smoke curling from each household lying on the vast plain and passing through the county towns as beautiful as gardens…

The fragrance of crops and the figure of farmers working, accompanied by the wind, passed by their ears, “Come out and have a look.

I know that the motherland is so beautiful.” Some experience can’t be learned in school.

Under the guidance of LAN Huiyun, the children can repair the car and change the tire independently, and the hotels for rest at night are also booked by themselves.

LAN Huiyun divided the team into four groups and asked them to go to the hotel to “bargain”.

Whichever group cuts the lowest, they will live in which place.

In Qixian County, Shanxi Province, the standard room of 238 yuan was cut to 98 yuan by them.

The children “calculated carefully” and surprised LAN Huiyun again and again.

“Not only that, every time I go to a place to rest and supply, there are always children who silently clean up the garbage.” Some experiences have never been experienced under the protection of their parents.

Sleeping in the open air, stumbling all the way, getting wet, eating instant noodles and laying on the floor, snoring everywhere on the sidewalk and on the bench of the restaurant.

Sometimes they are so tired that they lie down without taking off their clothes.

There was no need to be so embarrassed.

Before leaving, some enterprises offered sponsorship and a live broadcast platform let them open a live broadcast to earn rewards, but LAN Huiyun refused, “it’s too comfortable.

Riding has become a vacation, so it’s meaningless.” Some sad, riding on the breeze…

On June 24, the night they rode to Huainan, Anhui, the college entrance examination results were announced.

Among the 11 students, one crossed the first line and three crossed the second line, and some were silent.

LAN Huiyun, who also failed in the college entrance examination for the first time, shares the feelings of these children, but what he believes is, “Whether a person is excellent or not can’t be measured by just a few numbers.

When the performance is ideal, be happy but don’t indulge, because the next life path is still very long; when the performance is not ideal, please calm down and sort yourself out.

All the disappointments in life are to pave the way for your accumulation and thin hair.” Walking into many colleges and universities along the way, the children’s mood gradually cleared up.

They learned that there will always be a better future, which is worth fighting for.

They feel hard because they are taking the uphill road of life.

Some heaviness is the pain that life must bear.

On June 26, the 15th day of cycling, I arrived in Nanjing.

LAN Huiyun and his students rushed to the memorial hall of compatriots killed in the Nanjing Massacre early in the morning to offer flowers in silence to the victims.

“Respect history, remember history, and then continue to move forward.” This visit is an essential part of the children’s “adult ceremony”.

LAN Huiyun also believes that all young people in China should not lack this lesson.

Some moved, inadvertently warmed the time.

“Try to be a warm and kind person.” This is the class training of LAN Huiyun’s class.

“When you see construction workers on the bus, you should appreciate the beauty of their strength, labor and feel the shock of beauty.

Even if you live in a humble house, you can look up at the stars and feel the beauty of the sky.” LAN Huiyun once warned students.

Along the way, they spread beauty and feelings, and they are also reaping goodwill.

I recall that on the first day of departure, there was a downpour.

When they were at a loss, an old man of forest protection invited them into the hut to take shelter from the rain..