Bicycles also have car damage insurance? Specialized jointly launched the first product with the carrier insurance of huise

On April 22, on the occasion of world earth day, Huize’s insurance service platform, carrier insurance, together with specialized and a number of partners, held an innovative product press conference with the theme of “riding freely and enjoying love”, and officially released carrier Insurance – high-end bicycle damage insurance, filling the guarantee gap in the field of outdoor sports in China.

It is reported that the insured objects of this product are bicycles with an acquisition amount of 5000 yuan to 150000 yuan and the owner himself.

It is developed under the leadership of portable insurance, underwritten by China life property insurance, reinsured by Munich reinsurance, and integrated with the rescue services of angoulo.

The first batch of cooperative brands are listed car brands – specialized.

Chaoku sports is no longer “streaking”, and an insurance policy can also protect your car.

At present, in the riding insurance market, the common insurance type is riding accident insurance, which mainly protects the personal accidents and third-party liability of enthusiasts.

However, the insurance products widely needed by riding enthusiasts that can guarantee the personal safety of car owners and bicycle property losses at the same time have been blank.

The launch of high-end bicycle damage insurance with insurance focuses on this demand.

As the first innovative vehicle damage insurance product in China, its protection content not only includes the owner’s personal accident liability and third-party liability during riding activities, but also covers the damage and maintenance liability of bicycle vehicles, providing comprehensive protection from person to vehicle.

From the perspective of vehicle protection, this product can underwrite vehicles with a purchase price of 5000 yuan to 150000 yuan, including damage maintenance of various parts of bicycle vehicles, such as main frame, wheel set and transmission system; And the spare parts (such as handlebars, chairs, tires, etc.) that are permanently connected to the frame, provide basic functions and can be removed only with tools, which can meet the protection needs of most cyclists.

The minimum premium is only 232 yuan.

Even for high-end cars worth 100000 yuan, the annual premium is about 1000 yuan.

From the perspective of human security, the owner himself covers the responsibility for death and disability caused by accidents during riding; The third party liability includes the personal injury or property loss of the third party caused by the accident during riding, as well as the necessary and necessary legal expenses for the insured to be sued for the accident; From the perspective of medical value-added services, it includes the costs of medical transfer due to accidents during cycling, or hospitalization for more than 7 days due to accidents in the process of cycling in different places, and family condolences and visits.

In addition, there are 7 * 24-hour telephone medical consultation, medical institution recommendation, assistance in arranging medical treatment and hospitalization.

The advantages of the five brands “complement each other” to solve the whole process service needs of users in a one-stop way.

“We are committed to creating a one-stop service solution for Chinese bicycle lovers.” Jin Liqing, chief product officer of anguole, stressed at the meeting, “When the car owner is injured in an accident and cannot go to the medical institution, we can provide professional medical return and transfer services on the premise of complying with the provisions; when the vehicle needs maintenance, we can directly connect to the nearest specialized car store to enjoy smooth claim settlement and maintenance services.

Since April 22, the first partner of this product, specialized, users can obtain product information in all specialized stores.” As a publishing partner, specialized has now joined the program with 33 stores in 14 cities.

For details, please go to the official wechat official account of specialized.

It is reported that as a pioneer of domestic customized insurance, since the birth of the first customized insurance cycling series, huise has continuously filled the gap in the customized insurance market and successively explored and developed innovative products such as mountaineering insurance and underwater insurance.

As a risk resolution expert in the subdivided industries of Huize, tuobao is particularly good at insight into the risk management needs of users in the subdivided fields.

As of March 2022, portable insurance has customized more than 1000 segment products for education, training, housekeeping, freight, outdoor, diving and other industries.

He Jian stressed that “carrying insurance and cycling sports have a 15 year history.

The first bicycle riding accident insurance in China -” riding worry free “was developed and introduced to the market by carrying insurance in 2007.

In the view of carrying insurance, insurance and outdoor sports will become a symbiotic relationship in the future, and the professional insurance service platform will really play the role of” connector “..