Guangxi’s first order! Illegal parking of electric bicycles will be fined 2000 yuan!

The regulations on fire safety management of high-rise civil buildings came into force on August 1, 2021.

After the implementation of the new regulations, Guilin Gongcheng fire rescue brigade issued the first ticket for the illegal parking of electric bicycles in high-rise residential areas! On the morning of August 3, Gongcheng fire rescue brigade and relevant departments carried out a special inspection on high-rise civil buildings in the county.

After inspection, it was found that the staircase of Guilin Renhe Property Service Co., Ltd Illegal parking of electric bicycles at the emergency exit.

There is also the phenomenon of private pulling and random connection of flying wires for charging in the community.

Although the property in the community has posted posters on the fire safety of electric vehicles at the eye-catching position of the entrance of the unit building, a large number of owners still Park electric vehicles in the public corridor to block the fire safety exit.

This behavior violates the regulations on fire safety management of high-rise civil buildings Article 37 requirements for parking and charging electric bicycles Article 37: it is prohibited to park or charge electric bicycles in the public lobby, evacuation walkway, staircase and emergency exit of high-rise civil buildings.

Encourage the establishment of places for centralized storage and charging of electric bicycles in high-rise residential areas.

The storage and charging places of electric bicycles shall be set up independently and keep a safe distance from high-rise civil buildings; If it is really necessary to set it in a high-rise civil building, it shall be separated from other parts of the building by fire prevention.

The storage and charging places of electric bicycles shall be equipped with necessary fire-fighting equipment, and the charging facilities shall have the function of full automatic power-off.

The inspection also found that the personnel on duty in the fire control room of Gongcheng branch of Guangxi Jinheng Property Service Co., Ltd.

did not work with certificates as required and did not implement the duty system of the fire control room.

This behavior violated Article 26 of the regulations on the administration of fire safety of high-rise civil buildings.

Article 26: the fire control room of high-rise civil buildings shall be subject to the 24-hour duty system by its management unit, There shall be no less than 2 persons on duty in each shift.

The operator on duty in the fire control room shall obtain the professional qualification certificate of the special type of work in the fire control industry at the corresponding level according to law, master the fire alarm handling procedures and requirements, and check the operation of automatic fire-fighting facilities and linkage control equipment in accordance with relevant regulations to ensure that they are in normal working state.

The fire control room shall keep the general layout of high-rise civil buildings, the layout plan, the system diagram of fire-fighting facilities and the description of control logic relationship, the maintenance records and test reports of building fire-fighting facilities, etc.

The personnel of the inspection team ordered the two property management units to make corrections according to the law and fined 2000 yuan respectively, requiring the relevant responsible persons to immediately implement the rectification according to the actual situation on site.

Source: Guangxi fire control, Guilin fire control, China emergency management on duty editor Yan Meng on duty proofreading, Tang Meili on duty director Chen Shaofeng on duty editorial board member Lu Yueling.

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