Gong Li is so headstrong that she has lost weight. Her knitted coat and riding shorts are more youthful at 56 than at 26

Riding pants can be said to be a ‘dark horse’ that has sprung up in the fashion industry in recent years.

Unlike our common jeans, pipe pants, etc., riding pants are a kind of sports style piece that is popular in the European and American fashion industry.

The tight + short design can well highlight women’s body curve and express their casual attitude in happy days.

However, the cycling pants are still very attractive.

The plump girls will inevitably look fat when wearing them.

If we want to fully get the fashion charm of cycling pants, we might as well learn from Gong Li’s cycling pants look, which is cool and handsome! Gong Li can be said to be the most well maintained female star in the circle.

This year, at the age of 56, she still has tight skin and slim figure.

Wearing a white knitted coat and cowboy riding pants, she shows a healthy figure, revealing a thin leg and canvas shoes.

People in their sixties look more energetic than those in their twenties.

Interpretation of the fashion language of “cycling pants” cycling pants, whose predecessor was the sports shorts of cyclists, have now developed into the new favorite of fashionable girls.

In terms of profile design, cycling pants also follow the tight version of sports shorts, but they are slightly longer than conventional shorts.

They are comfortable and wear-resistant, slim and breathable, and have dynamic, casual, bodybuilding, comfortable and other styles, Not only is it suitable to wear when you sweat during sports, but also a pair of riding pants can help you reach a new height when you go shopping privately.

What leg types are riding pants suitable for? The silhouette of riding pants is characterized by tight design.

Whether it is conventional elastic high elastic knitted fabric or slightly hard, wide and stylish denim fabric, riding pants have high requirements for leg shape.

They are only suitable for sisters with thin leg lines and no fat.

Sisters with fat legs and easily swollen legs are not suitable for such tight riding pants.

Gong Li’s riding pants look analysis of the style of riding pants: denim fabric + knee length Gong Li is not a “white thin young” in our conventional aesthetic, but her body is symmetrical and her lines have a vague beauty of strength, which is different from a kind of healthy beauty.

The denim fabric is crisp and stylish, and it also has a retro aura.

With the tight profile of the length of the knee, it can visually show the straight and slender leg lines, highlight the good figure without any fat, and show the dynamic and healthy beauty.

Collocation analysis of cycling pants ↓ style Collocation: off white knitted sweater + white T-shirt + dark blue cycling pants color collocation: “upper white + lower black” Gong Li’s dress is an upgraded version of sports and leisure style.

The matching items are very simple, but the charm of the collection can not be underestimated.

A white T-shirt is overlapped with a white knitted sweater, which is also a white item, but it shows a natural sense of hierarchy due to different colors and fabrics.

A dark blue riding pants under it is a combination of light and dark such as white on the top and black on the bottom, which makes the layered effect of modeling more distinct.

Style matching: the charm of the “tight down + loose up” skinny riding pants lies in the dynamic and energetic feel.

To maximize the charm of the riding pants, sisters can learn from Gong Li to match the off white knitted sweater with the dark blue riding pants, and form a “loose up and tight down” matching through the comparison of a wide and tight silhouette.

Such matching can not only highlight the skinny effect of the riding pants, but also enlarge the advantage of large long legs, It can also create a comfortable and lazy atmosphere, which is very suitable for sisters with heavy upper body fat and thin lower body.

QS: how to choose and match cycling pants to be more fashionable? People with thick legs can choose a hip top to cover their thick legs.

If the sisters want to control their riding pants, they can try the combination of ‘up and down’ and choose a loose silhouette, hip length top to modify their body shortcomings.

This vertical stripe shirt is a good choice.

The vertical stripe can not only visually upgrade the thin effect, but also modify the fat at the waist, crotch and thigh roots.

The hidden meat is thin.

In terms of length: avoid being too short or half length.

Avoid wearing the riding pants with half visual sense.

Sisters should pay attention when selecting models.

Whether they are tall sisters or small sisters, Xiaobian recommends that sisters choose the riding pants with length above the knee.

Riding pants that are too short or just five minutes long are easy to appear too hard.

Choose riding pants that are above the knee.

These four minutes long shorts can properly lengthen the leg lines without being too deliberate.

They are just suitable for our daily wear..