The real riding team can’t accommodate these 8 types of people!

Where there are people, there is the Jianghu.

Riding in the Jianghu is also a mixture of good and evil people.

In the cycling team, these 8 types of people must be driven out! No matter who, no matter where, nobody likes selfish people.

When riding, people who only care about themselves and never consider riding friends are really not suitable for riding together.

Outdoor sports such as riding need mutual assistance, progress and retreat.

Conceited people must have self-confidence when riding, but they should not be overconfident.

Riding is a dangerous sport.

Anything can happen on the road, so you must be careful.

You can challenge, but you can’t play with your life.

Conceited riders always overestimate their abilities.

We must stay away from such people.

Show off people how good my bike is, how good my helmet is, how expensive my riding clothes are The real great God will only prove how good he is by his actions, not show off these hardware.

People who have bad habits have few bad habits, but some bad habits are really not suitable for riding in this circle.

Such as love late, love to stand up, pornography, gambling and poison Complaining people may have a lot of difficulties on the road, but it’s really annoying to keep thinking.

It’s not a good thing to have a cyclist around who spreads negative energy all day.

Negative emotions should not be brought to the ride, and negative energy should not affect other riders.

Every ride of those who do not obey the arrangement is like a war.

The leader has the responsibility and obligation to lead everyone out happily and back safely.

If you can’t accept the rules, you can choose not to come.

Now that you have come, you want to be “obedient”.

Riding without environmental protection concept is a green thing, but some people’s riding behavior is not so green.

Littering, scribbling and even abusing small animals are really intolerable.

Such people are terrible.

They may get along well with you at first, but they will turn over in case of an accident.

If you participate in the cycling activities organized by you, he will sue you immediately in case of an accident.

Even if he signs the agreement, he will still return the responsibility to you and let you lose money.

Now everyone is less enthusiastic about organizing cycling activities than before.

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