G219 full ride D16

Author: HAOGE, July 3, 2022 Travel D20 away from home.

This team rode D16 out of the desert Gobi highway bridge and culvert camp in hebukesail County – the 165 regiment of the Ninth Agricultural Division in Emin County, bounded by the bayimza car camp, and camped at the culvert for three kilometers D12.

Today’s ride: 102km, the total journey is 884.8+106=990.8km.

Today’s consumption: 0 yuan.

Today’s total consumption: 0 yuan.

The cumulative consumption is still: 457.1 yuan.

There are three places on the prompt board, except that Sailimu Lake is famous and close, The first two places are really unheard of.

Fortunately, it is marked here, so 219 always has to pass! At that time, even if you don’t stop for in-depth visits, you will at least know and understand.

Over the past ten days, except Beitun, I haven’t seen any serious place names of Han nationality! These are obviously translated place names, let alone remember; Read it! And I don’t know if it is translated from Mongolian? Or Hassa! The barbed wire fence along the national boundary line is on the roadside close to G219 for a long distance.

And there is a fixed kennel less than one kilometer away.

Basically, there is a very formal checkpoint within two kilometers.

No photos! Even a lot of videos and photos: I deleted them when I passed the checkpoint! Goblet bow and snake shadow: it’s not a secret thing! Another feature: the border defense here is the duty defense of the Corps; And irregular border defense forces.

The wind spreads the flags wildly; Otherwise: without comparison, the photos really don’t show the wind! More than ten kilometers down, came to the Bayi Muzha grassland in Emin county.

Herds of yellow cattle on the grassland.

This breed of yellow cattle will not be seen again in Tibet, but will be replaced by herds of yaks! The circling of roads and the magnificent grassland are difficult to be represented by mobile phones! Only when you are in it, can you really make your eyes clear and your mind relaxed and happy! The rivers on the grassland here are really thousands of twists and turns, rather than what they describe as nine bends and eighteen bends.

But there is no chance to look down from a high place: there is no picturesque atmosphere.

I can only see the signs, but I can’t see the continuous buildings and noisy popularity: or is it covered in the valley? This is the destination and foothold of today’s plan designated by the Army: self driving camp.

And said in advance that it will create a spectacular display of dozens of tents at the same time.

The reason why all the troops camped out is unusual: there is a vast territory, few people, remote towns and no suitable reception.

And this is not our taste: the great wind, so many people, are surrounded here: it is impossible to find an effective shelter.

There are bound to be many tents in the wind.

This will be quite difficult for some riders who don’t often get into trouble! The reason why it is not our taste: for example, taking water, or going to the toilet; Is to consider these many factors in advance! Bye! We are still moving forward: find our ideal place! Kazakh sheep herding men rode to visit my camp, which was not clean and quiet, mainly because there was no wind! And in front of the river, it’s so clear: you can wash it, you can rinse it, you can drink it, you can cook it! What do you want! The screenshot shows that the whereabouts have left the tip of the cock’s tail.

As the saying goes, on the secluded grassland! And the noise in the video actually wants to cover up the commentary: the wind also!..