A good place to ride! Yunling, a high-value greenway, is waiting for you to punch in!

The road “connects the sky, the lotus leaves are infinite, and the lotus flowers are different red in the sun.” In the contiguous lotus ponds on both sides of the Yunling Beigong beautiful highway, summer lotus blossoms quietly and beautifully.

Walking or cycling along the riding greenway on the left side of the beautiful highway, I saw the green lotus leaves gently swinging in the breeze, and the layers of lotus swaying, adding a fragrance and color to the hot summer.

Every evening, people come here to ride, walk, enjoy the lotus and view the scenery in an endless stream.

This riding greenway seems to have become a new scenic spot to punch in.

It is understood that yunbei Meili highway is a riding greenway integrating roads and landscapes, which not only meets the riding needs of tourists, but also ensures the traffic safety of local residents when riding.

The project has set up a 10 kilometer long riding greenway on the side of the main road of about 7 kilometers, with complete protective measures such as guardrails and landscape lights along the line.

On both sides of the road, various greening crops such as red maples, early cherries, Malus mandshurica and Camellia can be seen everywhere; Seven landscape nodes, such as empty platform, Fengling corridor, wooden plank road and paved square, are all over the whole line, and the combination of road and scenery forms a beautiful scenic line.

The completion of this beautiful highway has further improved the local ecological environment and facilitated the life and travel of local residents, which will play an important role in promoting the tourism development of Yunling.

Up to now, Yunling Beigong Meili highway has passed all quality tests before handover and acceptance, and it is expected to be officially put into use after passing the handover and acceptance in the near future.

Editor: Wang Yiwen reviewed by: Wang Shizheng..