Careless mother bumps off the baby by bike. The next scene

Source: WeChat official account, “China’s voice” (ID:zgzs001) of the central broadcasting and television station, recently, a mother in Ningbo, Zhejiang, was riding an electric vehicle crossing the road, and the child was thrown off the back seat of the car.

The next scene was a cold sweat.

In the video, the behavior of parents and children is a warning and wrong demonstration for everyone, which should be taken as a warning.

The video shows a mother riding an electric car with a child in the back seat.

While waiting for the traffic light to finish, the boy fell out of the back seat, but his mother didn’t know it.

After falling, the boy got up and chased his mother on the road, The endless stream of cars passed the little boy quickly.

The little boy could be in danger at any time.

The auxiliary police rushed to protect the baby.

This very dangerous scene was inadvertently found by the two auxiliary police on duty not far away.

They rushed to the little boy at the speed of 100 meters, held him in their arms and brought him safely to the roadside “This may be the fastest time I’ve ever run.

I just want to save the child.” The auxiliary police of Cicheng squadron of Jiangbei traffic police brigade said that after the child’s mother noticed the situation, she turned back to the two auxiliary police officers to return the child safely and reminded parents to let the child sit in the front safety seat and wear a helmet.

Netizens commented: Children’s travel safety can’t be ignored.

This thrilling scene.

Netizens said one after another that “parents are too careless” and “fortunately, there are police, otherwise it’s unimaginable” “You must pay attention to safety when taking your children out” when children travel safely, parents must carefully abide by the traffic rules and be vigilant at all times.

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