Riding safety starts from the “head”. Please “take” the safe one helmet area

Paying attention to traffic safety and developing good traffic habits is the greatest responsibility to oneself, family and society.

The “one helmet and one belt” seems insignificant but plays a very important role in traffic safety.

Establish traffic safety awareness and practice the “one helmet and one belt” to protect your own safety.

“One helmet” is a safety helmet.

“One helmet” refers to a safety helmet.

At the time of the accident, under the impact of speed and inertia, once the head collides with the hard road surface, electric pole and street tree, skull fracture and intracranial hemorrhage are likely to occur, which is life-threatening.

Wearing a helmet is the simplest and most effective way to protect your life.

Wear helmets correctly when driving motorcycles and electric bicycles.

“One belt” means a safety belt, “one belt” means a safety belt.

“Safety belt is a life belt”, which mainly plays a role of fixation, and can protect the driver and passengers from physical injury in the event of a traffic accident.

During daily driving, fasten the safety belt correctly.

Warm reminder whether you are driving by yourself or by bus, you can’t forget your safety helmet and safety belt! Please always put safety first!..