Cycling summer camp – a summer camp that begins at the age of 7 to hone children’s perseverance. A three-day and two night trip around

Click on the picture to enter the purchase link: (Museum story telling youzan store) course main title: Museum story telling | this summer vacation is half around the island 28km, a youth cycling summer camp to hone their will.

Recommendations: 3 days and 2 Nights Changxing Island cycling summer camp, 28km around the peninsula cycling, archery, trampoline, beggar’s pheasant and other n more wild fun hi play! With the heart of riding, open another pair of eyes, let the wind pass through the body, let the sweat wet your clothes, and measure every section of the road with chains and wheels to see, listen, find, and play ~ ~ activity description: [participants] 7-13 years old (height above 125) [duration of activity] summer vacation schedule: August 7-9; August 11-13; August 14-16; August 18-20; August 21-23; August 25-27; [cost includes] bus fee, catering, accommodation, venue fee, materials, equipment use, insurance, coaching team (standard equipment 1:7), course fee, activity incidental expenses, photography and other expenses [cost does not include] the cost includes other personal consumption not mentioned in the [adult description] 10 people in a group, 30 people in a group [transportation] bus to [about the weather] 1.

Light rain or drizzle, and the journey in raincoat is normal 2 Moderate rain, heavy rain and rainstorm will be adjusted.

However, without reducing the content of the event, typhoon days or other irresistible factors can be adjusted (canceled or postponed) according to the actual situation.

[event address] Changxing Island, Chongming District, Shanghai [gathering place] entrance / Exit 1, Century Park Station, Shanghai Metro Line 2 [refund instructions] 1.

Cancel the order 8 days before the event, with a full refund 2.

Cancel the order 4-7 days before the event, with a refund of 70% 3.

Cancel the order 1-7 days before the event, with a refund of 30% 4.

Cancel the order within the day of the event, No refund [activity price] single ticket original price: 2180 yuan now special offer: 1780 yuan to buy click on the picture to jump [activity tips] 1.

About photos: the main responsibility of instructors is to be responsible for the children’s life discipline and safety, we will arrange photography team shooting, and the wechat photos every day will be uploaded at night; 2.

About drinking water: the kettle in the child’s room is for safety reasons and will be taken away.

The rest area has 24-hour hot water supply.

The teachers in the team will arrange to load water; 3.

About homesick children: according to our experience, it’s basically that when it’s almost time to go to bed the first night, they start thinking about their mother, and then the next day they’re basically fine.

But at this time, parents often want to know whether their children want their mother or not, so it is recommended that those who go out for the first time, and you especially want their children, can learn about their children’s information through the coach, and answer their children by calling the coach’s mobile phone.

It’s easy to help children through homesickness; 4.

Children who can’t take a bath and wash their hair: parents are advised to teach in advance at home.

There will be tutors at the camp.

If you need a hair dryer, you can borrow it from your tutor; 5.

Children who can’t braid: we will arrange special teachers to braid at breakfast.

Because children are easy to lose rubber bands, parents are advised to bring more rubber bands; 6.

Tidy up clothes: parents only help.

Every child in the suitcase should have a luggage list, and then make an agreement with the child.

If you don’t lose anything back, you will be rewarded; 7.

Item signature: in order to prevent things from being unclaimed after being lost, parents should write the child’s name on the label of clothes, the bottom of the water cup, the inside of the backpack, the inside of the hat, etc.

Do not use self-adhesive stickers, easy to fall off; 8.

Make an agreement with the child before going out: agree on the parts of the child that need to be improved (specific to things: such as bathing, such as brushing teeth, such as crying) rather than telling him to be obedient.

[tips] 1.


Usage: gather at gate 1 of Century Park Station of Metro Line 2 before 08:30 a.m.

on the day of the event with your name and mobile phone number; 2.

This activity is suitable for children aged 7-13 (above 125) to participate independently; 3.

Jianqun informs the specific matters of the activity 2-3 days before the start of the activity; 4.

On the day of the event, the teacher led the team to share photos of the event on wechat group; 5.

The light rain and shower activities are carried out normally, the sequence of activities is adjusted, the content remains unchanged, and the moderate rain and heavy rain activities are postponed or cancelled; 6.

This activity is a group activity.

If the number of applicants in each period is less than 10, and the activity is not a group, we will contact you in advance for a refund————— The following is the text ————- now, we take the wind chasing teenagers to jointly explore the picturesque beauty of Changxing Island by cycling.

Why should we participate in the cycling camp? The exercise of summer’s endurance + perseverance cycling integrates surprise, danger, strangeness, cleverness and beauty.

It plays a good role in cultivating a person’s positive, confident, firm and enterprising personality.

According to the British mirror, many parents call for the inclusion of cycling safety courses in compulsory courses in British schools.

Teaching children how to ride safely can enable students to ride confidently, skillfully and flexibly on the road, and master certain road safety knowledge.

However, our situation is not optimistic.

Data show that the proportion of underexercise among Chinese children and adolescents is between 80% and 89%.

Compared with 2001, Chinese boys moved much more in 2016.

But the amount of exercise for girls and adolescents as a whole is declining..