[classic cycling 5-Day Tour] August 12-16 Liaocheng riding friends Club & a three-way outdoor tour will take you to ride the grassland,

Safe, green, scientific, healthy and happy travel.

There must be at least two impulses in your life, one for desperate love, and one for a trip that says to go.

By Andy Andrews [sign up for wechat] on the water side: 18963500886/18206350886, wechat synchronous registration address: the outdoor store manager of three people’s Bank in the south of Dongtou Road, Shuicheng middle street adds wechat according to the following QR Code: the season of the most beautiful grassland highway is coming, Go and have a look at it at the most beautiful time.

This activity was initiated by Liaocheng riding club.

Liaocheng trio outdoor helped to organize a customized activity.

The theme of the activity: Grassland riding, enjoying beautiful scenery, taking photos and enjoying slow life! Welcome riding friends to sign up.

Everyone has his own grassland in his heart, crossing mountains and rivers, following geese, listening to the melodies of pastoral songs and touching heartstrings; Everyone has his own grassland in his heart.

He can walk freely through the clouds and let his heart gallop…

Please read the announcement carefully before signing up: Registration phone: on the water side: 18206350886, 18963500886 (wechat synchronization) beauty introduction: Royal Luyuan Wetland Park is located on the plateau dam, and there are more than 40 projects of different sizes in the park: there are Guo Degang, Guo Degang in the pony riding Park The imported foals raised by Yu Qian can take this opportunity to contact animals, contact nature, and exercise courage.

The park also prepares super hi amusement equipment for children, such as grassland windmills, merry go rounds, wave cars, happy island, planes, taxis, children’s expansion, cute pet park, etc., to feel the different Manchu Customs on the grassland.

Fengning Grassland: National No.1 scenic Avenue: National No.1 scenic Avenue: it is the geographical dividing line between the Mongolian Plateau and the North China Plain transition area, where there are forests, grasslands, lakes, wetlands, mountains and other natural landscapes.

Besides, there are many beautiful natural landscapes, which are connected here.

National No.1 scenic Avenue is the first scenic road registered at the national level in China.

It starts at the junction of Yudaokou pasture and mechanical forest farm and ends at datan Town, Fengning County, with a total length of 380 kilometers.

The most beautiful grassland dada line: the dada line is located in Keshiketeng Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, with a total length of 135 kilometers.

It starts from Dali Lake.

In Mongolian, it is “a lake like the sea”; It ends at the southern end of the great Khingan mountains, the famous ashatu stone forest.

Dada line is called the most popular Internet highway, which is not too much! Invite you into the grassland paradise at the most beautiful time! Across the most beautiful grassland landscape highway in Inner Mongolia, dada line – re’a line – Beijing North first day road – grassland royal royal road! The vast geographical environment of the grassland and the road network extending in all directions are destined to be a paradise for self drivers.

The most beautiful scenery is on the road.

When you open the window, there is a refreshing wind, mixed with the fragrance of soil and grass, which is pleasant without saying.

All the way scenery, all the way food! Here is not only the grassland highway, but also the primitive grassland crossing, so as to deeply experience the grassland customs of Inner Mongolia and experience different grassland activities Route features: Grassland Road, Dark asphalt road and yellow solid line itself are a beautiful scenery.

Between hundreds of miles, the road twists and turns around due to the terrain, with violent ups and downs, quiet and far-reaching, as if leading to the other side of the dream.

The scenery on both sides of the dada line, the typical scenery of Inner Mongolia, the endless Gongger grassland, groups of cattle, sheep and horses grazing leisurely, the curved river reflects the blue sky and white clouds…

The dada line also crosses the sandy spruce of Baiyin OBO.

It is the only original sandy spruce found in the world, and it is also the breeding base of spruce mother trees in China.

Ulan Butong scenic area: hometown of cloud – Photographer’s paradise – Ulan Butong prairie [activity date] August 8-12, 2022 (five days) [activity route] Zhangbei grassland + Royal Luyuan scenic area + National No.

1 scenic Avenue + the whole process of dada line + Dali Lake + ashatu Stone Forest scenic area + Ulan Butong scenic area (the most beautiful grassland is caught in a net) [schedule] the specific schedule will be introduced in detail in the temporary group of travel activities, Or small window consultation on the water side.

[activity a fee] aa1680 yuan / person, refund for excess and make up for deficiency.

[cost includes] the whole journey fare, fuel cost, 5-day 200000 insurance, driver leader fee, 4 nights of high standard accommodation, 4 breakfasts and 7 meals.

Royal deer park tickets (performance + bonfire party) + grassland horse wine + xianhada + a customized magic scarf for three people per person + full course drinking water [cost not included] tickets for the two scenic spots of ashatu stone forest and wulanbutong (voluntary), meals in the service area and entertainment items generated by individuals are at their own expense, and grassland roast whole sheep AA is voluntary.

[registration method] participate in the activity + payment amount + network name + number of participants + name + mobile phone number + ID number (real name insurance) + wechat registration.

Oral registration, airborne landing and pigeoning are not accepted.

If there are special circumstances, please notify the organizer 24 hours before the start of the activity or find a substitute.

Otherwise, the expenses incurred in the activity will not be refunded.

The activity is limited to 30 people until the amount is full! [gathering time] at 5 a.m.

on August 8 (the specific departure time and place shall be subject to the notice before the trip).

Please observe the time for group activities.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Please detour if you have unreasonable requirements! [tips] 1.

Bring your ID card and special ticket free certificate! 2.

In order to prevent the epidemic, do not enter risk areas throughout the whole process, do not get off the highway in unstable areas, and safety first.

Provide health code, travel code green and nucleic acid negative certificate within 48 hours before travel.

Please cooperate in nucleic acid testing if necessary on the way.

Please understand! [disclaimer] this is a self-help AA activity.

All applicants need to be healthy and have no history of chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, asthma, psychosis, acrophobia, etc..