Cycling should start with dolls. Cooghi coolly rides a children’s scooter

With the progress of society, children’s life has changed from catching dragonflies and shrimp to mobile phones and computers.

Although this marks the rapid development of science and technology, it is not conducive to the growth of children.

Therefore, I have always hoped that children can play more outdoors, not only exercise more outdoors, but also play with their partners to cultivate their personality.

Therefore, the author also bought a cooghi cool ride children’s scooter for the baby.

In addition to improving the sense of balance, the child can also learn to control the handlebar of the bicycle to change the direction.

In this way, the baby’s sense of direction has also been developed, providing a transition for future cycling.

The received balance car can be said to have paid attention to its packaging.

The inner and outer layers of packaging protect the car body from collision and damage during transportation.

It can be seen on the label that the color you get is Kuqi green.

The color you like at a glance will be particularly eye-catching.

In addition, there are Yingxia powder to choose from.

This cooghi cool ride children’s scooter has been placed in the package in the finished state, so it can be used directly after taking it out, eliminating the cumbersome installation steps.

It is very considerate.

The cooghi cool ride children’s scooter adopts an integrated structure, which is smooth and round without edges and corners.

This design not only increases the load-bearing performance of the body, but also avoids accidental collision and injury of the baby.

The whole body of this children’s scooter is made of environment-friendly HDPE material.

It is non-toxic and odorless.

It prevents the baby from contacting toxic substances.

When playing alone, the mother is more at ease.

I think treasure mothers should not only look at the price when buying scooters.

The material is the most important.

After all, it is for children, so they must be careful.

In order to avoid the risk of rollover during riding, the cooghi cool ride children’s scooter has designed a limit steering system for the little baby.

The handle can only turn 45 ° to keep the turning within the controllable range, so as to avoid the baby’s sharp turning and body rollover during riding.

In addition, the rear wheel of the scooter is widened to 16cm.

The wheel has a larger area against the ground, and the stability is higher.

The baby can ride more safely.

The cushion design of this scooter is also very elegant.

The saddle shape design is adopted, and the curve is more suitable for the baby’s hips, making it more comfortable during riding.

The handle part adopts skin friendly anti-skid design, which can effectively prevent the baby’s hands from slipping due to sweating during riding; It is worth mentioning that the wheels of this scooter are fully closed silent wheels, which will not disturb the downstairs neighbors when playing at home.

It can also prevent the baby’s fingers from stretching into the gap and causing accidental pinch injuries.

This scooter is for the baby’s safety, both in terms of details and materials.

In terms of body weight, the whole cooghi cool ride children’s scooter is as light as 2.2kg.

The baby can easily lift it and ride without burden.

The maximum weight of this scooter body design is 20kg.

It is suitable for 10~36 months of age, and the height is about 75~90cm.

My baby is about 82cm tall, and the height is just right.

There is no feeling of pulling the crotch.

The first time I rode a scooter, my baby’s hand and foot movements were still a little uncoordinated at the beginning, but I soon found the feeling.

It took only more than 10 minutes to master the basic sliding skills, and I dared to move forward.

After playing for more than an hour, I was still not satisfied.

I didn’t want to go home when it was time to eat.

I don’t know how long this novelty can last.

Haha, actually, a scooter is a simplified version of a bicycle, The two are very similar in body structure.

It is easier to find a sense of balance when you play a scooter well and learn to ride a bicycle in the future.

At the same time, it can also make the baby learn to walk happily and exercise scientifically.

Personally, I think it is quite practical.

Since I started this scooter, every time I came down with this scooter, my baby can play for oneortwo hours by himself.

Not only can my baby exercise, but I am also much more relaxed.

I don’t have to go around him all the time.

In general, this cooghi cool ride children’s scooter is very good.

It has a lovely appearance, is smooth and smooth as a whole, and the weight of the whole vehicle is very light.

It is also very convenient to carry out.

In fact, the most important thing is that the baby likes it very much, and it is easy to get started.

Once you ride without foundation, you can get exercise all over your body, and you can lay a good foundation for riding a bicycle in the future.

It is still very worthy of support..