[cycling camp review] conquer the 24 km cycling and meet the determined self!

Bucktooth rabbit children’s emotional intelligence paradise emotion controls life, emotional intelligence creates a fast-paced era in the future.

The city is surrounded by cars.

Children’s life is unchanging.

There is almost no time to enjoy the fun of riding.

It’s better to travel thousands of miles and ride a bicycle to experience a different style.

The whole 24 km journey is a test of perseverance.

What are the components of the basic theory structure teaching bicycle? How to use protective equipment? Understand the structure of mountain bikes and the functions of vehicle components.

In the process of teaching…

The riding gesture is very important in the riding team.

In order to make the rear team members clear about the team situation and the road conditions ahead, the leading team members need to make gestures.

The rear team members decide the next riding direction according to the gestures.

Because the team is closely arranged, once handled improperly, it is easy to have a domino effect – leading to a large-scale crash of the team.

Start of practical riding practice – the young riders of the round pile s Road & slow riding balance race started to practice the riding skills they learned on the road in the complex track terrain, such as uphill, downhill, curve rush, continuous rush, variable speed control, and a series of challenge operations, which infinitely stimulated the courage and fighting spirit of the small riders.

The riders galloped freely, completed the 24km challenge with the cooperation and encouragement of the team, and fully felt the power and fun of riding! The learning of each skill is a sublimation of life and a temper of the will.

The quality of falling down again and again and still being able to persevere through failure is called perseverance.

Let children have the character of perseverance.

The process from timidity to self encouragement to courage to challenge and then to gritting their teeth and persistence is that the photos of growth activities have been sorted in the online disk.

Parents in need can.