Hundred cities linked to challenge 100000 kilometers! The first “527 I love riding” cycling Festival kicked off. The five-star diamond

Speaking of Dali, it can be described as a poem and a distant place of countless people.

Haoyun sang in the song to Dali: pick up the courage crushed by time and let your feet be covered with fragrant mud.

It goes without saying that there are all kinds of beauty between the lines.

And the Cangshan Erhai Lake in Dali is the place that countless people are dreaming of.

It is better to experience once than to yearn for countless times.

On May 27, the first “527 I love riding” five-star diamond leopard riding Festival kicked off.

Starting from the Cangshan Erhai Lake in Dali, hundreds of cities linked together, and the national 100000 km mileage challenge officially opened.

The five-star diamond leopard Zhiyuan version u9 successfully broke the circle and started from the ancient city of Dali.

Along the way, it passed through Shuanglang ancient town and little Putuo Island in Erhai Lake, and finally successfully completed the first race in Erhai Park.

As the protagonist of this cycling Festival, the five-star diamond leopard Zhiyuan version u9 successfully came out of the circle.

With its core advantages of fearless long-distance running and double warranty, u9 performed well throughout the cycling process, climbing hills and turning corners like walking on the ground, and its smart and lightweight body shuttled under every green brick and tile in Dali ancient city.

While inheriting the gene of more comfortable products of the five-star diamond leopard, it won praise from many riding experience officers.

As a goddess car tailored for fashion out of the street, with the support of the core technology of the five-star diamond leopard Zhiyuan series, the Zhiyuan version u9 is equipped with a high-power single wire motor with strong and stable power output.

During this ride, the starting is stable and powerful, the acceleration is vigorous, the braking is efficient and stable, and the parking is fast and light.

It can perfectly cope with all kinds of road conditions throughout the ride.

The journey of nearly 120 kilometers brings out the more comfortable product genes of the five-star diamond leopard incisively and vividly.

From the perspective of vehicle performance and riding experience, Zhiyuan version u9 is not only the best embodiment of five-star diamond leopard’s long-term deep cultivation of products and accurate insight into consumer demand, but also the best interpretation of slogan, a more comfortable electric vehicle brand of five-star diamond leopard.

Under the industry situation that electric travel is popular all over the world, it is undoubtedly the fundamental significance of the five-star diamond leopard “527 I love riding” cycling festival to boost people’s desire for green travel through powerful products and measure the great rivers and mountains of the motherland with extreme products under the call of the global new energy green travel.

Since the establishment of the enterprise, five-star diamond leopard has adhered to product orientation and provided more and more comfortable electric two wheeled vehicle products for national travel through a series of effective means such as scientific and technological innovation and category iteration.

In the face of different travel needs of various consumer groups, five-star diamond leopard has a comprehensive insight into consumer needs, closely followed the changing market situation, and deeply branded the word “more comfortable” in every step of product development, Insisting on creating surprises for users, it plays an indispensable role in the green travel industry chain.

The 100000 km mileage challenge is about to be staged.

Dali, Yunnan Province, is the first stop of this “527 I love riding” five-star diamond leopard cycling Festival.

From May 28, the five-star diamond leopard will launch a 100 City linked 100000 km cycling challenge and hold cycling challenges in hundreds of core cities across the country.

This large-scale cycling activity will, on the one hand, continue to show that the five-star diamond leopard is user-centered and spare no effort to create more and more comfortable and good cars.

On the other hand, the five-star diamond leopard will measure the great rivers and mountains of the motherland in the way of green cycling, and personally promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the industry under the new national standard.

Different from previous cycling festivals and mileage challenge competitions held by various brands, the first “527 I love riding” cycling Festival is not only a practical test of vehicle mileage, but it can be predicted that with the continuous holding of the 100000 km cycling challenge, under the continuous fermentation of heat, more users will be motivated to actively join the green cycling camp and continuously strengthen their awareness of green travel under the guidance of the “double carbon” strategy.

In addition, this year, the industry is at the peak of national exchange.

Only under the correct and accurate guidance can the market exchange vitality be fully stimulated.

In this cycling Festival, the five-star diamond leopard shows the hard power of its products and forms a deep link with users, which can not only further stimulate the terminal market and stimulate the upsurge of excessive car exchange, but also guide more consumers to the five-star diamond leopard terminal stores to drive the hot sales of terminals and warm up the coming traditional peak season.

527 I love riding! “527 I love riding”.

The first five-star diamond leopard riding Festival, witnessed by the Cangshan Erhai Lake, set sail with a dream in mind, will reach a distant place, lead the four directions, unite the strength of 100 cities, challenge 100000 kilometers, climb mountains, cross north and south, and burn the whole summer in the face of the slight hot wind! Under the current situation of industry exchange and the vigorous development of global green travel industry, as a first-line brand in the industry, five-star diamond leopard will continue to adhere to the product led development idea, adhere to providing more and more comfortable new energy green travel solutions, and make greater contributions to the healthy development of the electric two wheeled vehicle industry and the promotion of sustainable travel and lifestyle!..