The freedom of riding in summer

Riding is so popular this year ~ after seeing the riding video shared by little red book blogger @boa boa, I want to order a bike immediately.

Ôľ╝ our sports video number soooohot has sent her riding short film many times @boa boa is a girl who now lives in Germany.

Every time she watches her riding, she feels super relaxed and energetic, and she is also infected.

Many friends around are also fascinated by cycling and joined the cycling army.

Ins: ceciliemoosgaard rides a bike to brush the streets on weekends and scurry around the path.

That kind of freedom and freedom will make people feel super happy.

Ins:claimerose with the fire of cycling, bicycles have also become a necessary fashionable item for many urban girls in summer.

There are many good-looking and professional bicycles.

This article shares some current popular styles ~ ­čÜ▓ If it’s a leisure ride in the city, ride slowly for 3-5 kilometers, go out for coffee and buy bread.

Many friends like high-value retro bikes.

Daily short distance cycling is enough and it’s also very good-looking.

For example, the popular foldable Brompton, the most famous folding bike brand in Britain, is affectionately called “little cloth” by fans.

Ins: the boomtonbicyclebrompton folding bicycle was designed by andrewritchie, a male founder of science and technology who graduated from Cambridge engineering, in a small apartment in London in 1975.

When you open Brompton’s official website, there is an interesting slogan: youdon ‘tgetbrompton until you get a brompton I don’t know its good until I have it.

Ins:bromptonbicycle it is said that every Brompton bicycle can be folded into a small size in 10 to 20 seconds, no matter men, women, young or old.

And after folding, you don’t have to worry about the chains and gears that will contaminate clothes and luggage bags.

Ins:bloomtonbicyclebrompton “little cloth” is also known as the favorite commuter ride for workers.

For office workers who love cycling and commuting at ordinary times, a small, light and foldable retro bike is simply not too good.

Take it to work at ordinary times.

If you don’t want to ride it, put it in the trunk and go home with people and cars.

The detachable car pocket can also be used as a shopping bag.

It is very convenient to go shopping every day.

Ins:bloomtonbicycle personally, I think the most convenient thing for working women is that the small body will not have great restrictions on clothes.

Even wearing skirts will not have much impact.

Its style will be more changed than looking at cool road cars.

Ins:bromptonbicycle for friends who love riding, the best thing about Brompton is that its riding quality is as excellent as its folding performance.

The frame is firm, and the body response is also very sensitive.

It is light and labor-saving to ride, and it is stable enough even when riding at high speed.

Ins:bloomtonbicycle therefore, for many citygirl who love cycling, it is also the first choice for short distance cycling.

For example, playing tennis outside at ordinary times is not only a good way to ride, but also a good means of transportation.

Ins: it’s good to go for a ride in the suburbs of the city on weekends.

Ins:bloomtonbicycle here also gives you a brief introduction of the series distinction of Brighton: A and B75 series are equivalent to the simple version, cline is the regular version, pline is the lightweight sports version, and tline is the ultra light titanium alloy version, which needs to be sold by lot.

After choosing the series, you can continue to choose the handlebar style and size, color, speed change and seat tube height.

Finally, you can get a small cloth that fits perfectly with you.

Ins: the price of the bronptonbike is almost 10000 yuan, mainly because all the cars are still produced in London so far, ensuring the manufacturing of origin.

The retro classic design coupled with the convenient sense of use is also the reason why it is expensive but still pursued by many cycling enthusiasts.

Ins: if you like urban cycling, you can also recommend tokyobike from Tokyo, Japan, which is popular in the cycling industry.

The name of tokyobike and the story behind it are simple.

When the founder Ichiro Kanai established this brand, he thought that the bike riding on the mountain is called mountainbike, and the bike riding in Tokyo is called tokyobike.


The reason why US says it is suitable for urban cycling is that the founder considered the problem of more traffic lights and ups and downs in Tokyo when establishing this bicycle brand.


Its model design is simple and fashionable, and it can often be seen on the street.


Ustokyobike also has a variety of models to choose from, sports and leisure.

Mono and classicsport are recommended.

In fact, there is no great difference between the two models in appearance, but more in the feeling of riding.


Usmono is designed to be light and comfortable to step on.

You won’t feel any pressure every time you step on it, so you can walk and stop in front of the traffic lights, and you won’t feel too difficult when going uphill..