[notice] all the way west, Niuxiang Everest riding plan on May 13 (Day2)

Puniu sports # puniusports pays attention to the official account and challenges the Everest base camp for puniu riding.

Come on all the way! On May 12, 2022, the cycling activity of “puniu 30 day cycling challenge the 6800 km round trip to the base camp of Everest” officially set off from Wenshan.

Today will be a particularly difficult day for puniu.

First, the riding distance is very long: Wenshan Yuxi, the whole journey is 320 kilometers.

Second, the weather is not ideal during the riding process, and it may rain at any time.

But Pu Niu said: since we have decided to start, there is no turning back.

No matter how hard the ride is, we still have to insist on completing the journey of the day.

Challenge ride: the next day departure time: 9:00 on May 13, 2022 departure place: Yuxi Nie Music Square (the place where the flag is raised opposite Nie Er’s Drama) planned arrival place: Chuxiong Yi ancient town planned ride time: 8 hours ride route: Nie Music Square – Honglong road – jitongguan – Baofeng – Jinning – Lufeng – Chuxiong sends sincere invitations to riders in Hongta District, Kunming, Lufeng and Chuxiong, hoping to meet by chance on the way of puniu ride, Become the witness of puniu cycling challenge Everest base camp.

Yuxi Chuxiong riding plan track chart pay attention to the official Tiktok number of the challenge: pn99060088 remember to enter the puniu Tiktok live broadcast room from 20:00 to 22:00 tonight to exchange riding experiences and experiences with puniu.

Add the official wechat of the challenge: puniu sports releases the latest riding dynamics every day, so that you won’t miss the wonderful moment at am9:00 on May 12, 2022..