Please keep these points in mind when riding an electric bicycle!

Electric bicycle is a daily means of transportation for many people.

Traffic accidents involving electric bicycle occur frequently.

For your travel safety, you must pay attention to these things! 01 correctly wear safety helmets.

The head is the most vulnerable and vulnerable part of the human body.

When riding or riding an electric bicycle, correctly wear safety helmets to protect the head and reduce the degree of accident injury.

01 in case of an accident without helmet, the head will be seriously injured, and the safety helmet is a veritable life-saving artifact and the last line of defense in case of an accident! 02 when wearing a safety helmet, the last step is to fasten the safety buckle and adjust it to a suitable angle, which is the correct wearing method.

02 turning is dangerous.

Many accidents occur in the turning process of electric bicycles.

Cyclists do not observe before turning and suddenly turn, which takes other vehicles off guard and causes accidents.

Article 72 of the regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law stipulates that when driving bicycles, tricycles, electric bicycles and motor wheelchairs for the disabled on the road, they should slow down and reach out for a sign before turning, and should not suddenly turn sharply.

When overtaking the vehicle in front, they should not hinder the driving of the overtaken vehicle.

03 be careful of the inner wheel difference and don’t rush to the big truck.

Due to its large volume and long wheelbase, there is a blind area of sight.

Especially when the vehicle turns, the inner wheel difference formed by the difference between the turning radius of the front inner wheel and the turning radius of the rear inner wheel is called “dead Crescent”.

Many E-bike drivers don’t know where the blind spot is.

They take it for granted that “the driver will see me” and “the car will give way to me”.

They compete with large trucks.

Once there is a collision, they will be crushed and involved in the bottom of the car! There is a large blind area in the sight of the truck, and careful observation is needed to prevent accidents! The driver of electric bicycle must keep a safe distance from the truck.

When the truck turns, please carefully observe the path of the truck.

When the truck turns, don’t rush with it, let alone try to surpass it! 04 it is illegal and dangerous to cross the road, get off the bus, suddenly cross the motorway and walk through the vehicle.

When crossing a motorway on a road section, the driver of an electric bicycle shall get off the vehicle and push it.

If there are crosswalks or pedestrian crossing facilities, he shall pass through the crosswalk or pedestrian crossing facilities; If there is no crosswalk, no pedestrian crossing facilities or it is inconvenient to use pedestrian crossing facilities, go straight through after confirming safety.

05 do not run the red light or retrograde.

Some electric bicycle drivers think they are “fast” and “flexible”.

Riding through the red light and retrograde is not only illegal, but also bear the corresponding responsibility in case of accidents.

The primary principle for non motor vehicle drivers to protect themselves is to avoid conflict with motor vehicles, which requires consciously abiding by traffic signal control according to law and not going retrograde.

They must wait until the signal light in the direction of travel is green before passing through the stop line.

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