Commuting and fitness are the same, and “riding hot” bicycle sales with fire

Like new sports such as frisbee and lacrosse, bicycles have also become new outdoor items from Retro means of transportation.

On the little red book, search for the keyword “cycling”, and more than 1million notes have appeared in total.

Cycling can not only meet the commuting needs of office workers, but also meet the daily fitness exercise, so it is favored by many young people.

Mao Yaqi, who lives in Yunxiang community, Nanxiang Town, is a new cycling enthusiast.

“I was originally a badminton enthusiast, but affected by the epidemic, most sports venues and gyms are not open, so I can’t play indoors, so I switched to outdoor cycling.” For this reason, he bought an entry-level mountain bike.

Mao Yaqi said that in order to minimize contact with others, many friends choose to use bicycles instead of public transportation, and can also exercise by the way, killing two birds with one stone.

“After I came into contact with cycling, I learned that there are many things to pay attention to, including the model, grip, parts allocation, vehicle maintenance, etc.

as well as helmets, front and rear lights, cup holders and other related accessories, which basically cost thousands of yuan.” Mao Yaqi said.

As the demand for cycling rises, the sales of bicycles and related equipment also rise.

After visiting several bicycle sales stores in Nanxiang, Xiaojia learned that many sports models are favored by consumers, and some road vehicles are basically out of stock.

There is a bicycle store on guyiyuan South Road in Nanxiang Town, which has been open for 10 years.

Gangzi, the store owner, said, “because of the epidemic, many cars have been parked for a long time.

Now there are many small businesses of maintenance every day.

Although the overall sales volume of bicycles has not increased explosively, it has doubled than before.” The owner of a bicycle store on Dehua road said that after the normal production and living order was restored, more people came to the store to consult and buy cars than before, 70% of them bought sports bicycles, and the rest bought ordinary bicycles for short trips.

According to reports, common bicycles can be roughly divided into mountain bikes, road bikes and leisure folding bikes.

Due to the rise of cycling, the demand for road bikes has also increased.

Road cars are luxury cars among bicycles.

Many models sell for more than most electric cars, with prices ranging from 10000 yuan to 20000 yuan.

Gangzi, a carbon fiber road car with a price of more than 20000, said, “because the production capacity of the bicycle industry can’t keep up, and the previous shutdown has led to an increase in the shortage of goods, so many road cars are out of stock.

At present, the best selling young bicycles in the store are those with a price of about 1000 yuan, which are available in stock.

The price between 3000 yuan and 5000 yuan is also relatively friendly, and many people come to consult at ordinary times.” The customer Mr.

Wang originally wanted to buy a road car, but because of the shortage, he bought a leisure folding car with a price of about 3000 yuan.

“The folding car is small and light, and can be placed directly in the trunk of the car.

Usually, you can go to the city or the surrounding outdoors.

If it is inconvenient to drive in some places, you can ride a bike directly, which is convenient for travel and exercise.” Correspondent: Chen Chen editor: Shen Yue..