Spread! Electric bicycles are not listed and do not wear helmets. Strict control measures have been introduced!

Notice on the implementation of safety helmets for licensed drivers of electric bicycles in the city in order to further strengthen and standardize the traffic safety management of electric bicycles, effectively reduce traffic safety violations, resolutely curb and prevent the occurrence of electric bicycle traffic accidents, ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, and continue to consolidate and improve the achievements of building a civilized city in China.

According to the opinions on strengthening the supervision and management of the implementation of national standards for electric bicycles (Guo Shi Jian Biao Chuang [2019] No.

53) issued by the State Administration of market supervision, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of public security, the notice on strengthening the safety management of electric bicycles (public transport [2019] No.

184) issued by the Ministry of public security and the regulations of Henan Province on the promotion of civilized behavior The requirements of the notice on establishing the registration and management system of electric bicycles (Yu Gong Tong ban [2020] No.

330) issued by the traffic police corps of Henan Provincial Public Security Department.

Luoyang Public Security Bureau will take the lead in organizing the registration service for the city’s electric bicycles in late July 2021, establish a registration service system and handle the license registration business for the owners of electric bicycles.

People driving electric bicycles on the road must wear safety helmets.

1、 For electric bicycles (hereinafter referred to as the new national standard) whose registration and licensing scope meets the national standard of technical code for safety of electric bicycles (gb17761-2018), the owner of the electric bicycle shall hand over the vehicle for inspection on site and provide the following relevant materials: 1.

The owner’s ID card or other valid ID documents; 2.

Certificate of legal origin of electric bicycles such as car purchase invoice and certificate of conformity with national CCC certification.

You can apply for an ordinary electric bicycle number plate (green official number plate) according to regulations.

For two wheeled electric vehicles that do not meet the new national standard, the transitional period management shall be implemented.

When the vehicles are handed over for inspection, the owner’s ID card or other valid ID documents shall be provided, the purchase invoice and vehicle qualification certificate shall be provided, and other electric vehicle number plates (yellow temporary transition number plates) shall be applied for.

It is strictly prohibited for any unit or individual to forge or alter ordinary and temporary number plates issued by the traffic management department of the public security organ.

2、 The time and place of centralized registration and licensing will begin on July 20, 2021.

See the attachment for the handling points.

Please pay attention to WeChat official account of Luoyang traffic police.

3、 Other matters 1.

Civilized units at all levels should take the lead in implementing the regulations on the registration and licensing of electric bicycles and the wearing of safety helmets by drivers and passengers.


All organs, institutions and schools shall strictly manage the access of units.

Those who do not have a license plate for electric bicycles and do not wear safety helmets shall not enter or leave the unit.


If the electric bicycle is not licensed and the drivers and passengers are not wearing safety helmets on the road, the traffic police department will strengthen the investigation and punishment, timely make media exposure, and copy the information to the Municipal Construction Office (Civilization Office), which will be linked with the construction of civilized units and the issuance of civilization awards.


Please buy electric bicycles that meet the new national standard, and do not buy electric bicycles that do not meet the new national standard.


Dealers should operate according to law and do not sell electric bicycles that do not meet the new national standard.


After the centralized registration is completed on August 31, 2021, we will conduct persuasion and education for electric bicycles without license plates, and detain electric bicycles that cannot provide legal procedures, so as to strive to achieve 100% license plate installation rate.


Encourage electric bicycle owners to buy insurance, and the insurance industry actively carries out activities to benefit the people, such as buying insurance and giving safety helmets.


Those who drive electric bicycles on the road shall wear safety helmets and abide by relevant road traffic safety laws and regulations.

Those who violate the provisions shall bear legal responsibility according to law.

Luoyang City Public Security Bureau Luoyang City market supervision and Administration Bureau Luoyang City Industry and Information Bureau Luoyang City Administration Bureau paid attention to the official wechat of “Luoyang traffic police” (wechat: lygajj) on July 20, 2021.

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Source: editor of Legal Department of Luoyang traffic police | Dong Dong’s preliminary review | Zhang Yameng, Tian Beibei’s review | Liu Chengwei’s sharing points, collection points and praise points..