A letter to parents about students’ safe riding in Baogang No. 24 primary school

A letter from Baotou Steel No.

24 primary school about students’ safe riding to parents a letter from traffic safety tips to parents dear parents and friends: Hello.

Children go to school happily and go home safely is the common expectation of home, school and even all sectors of society.

At present, some students in our school ride bicycles and electric bicycles to and from school, which has great hidden dangers of road traffic safety.

In order to ensure the traffic safety of minors, our school issued the following suggestions: first, students travel independently and do not touch the safety “forbidden zone”.

Paragraph 1 of Article 72 of the regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law of the people’s Republic of China stipulates that driving a bicycle or tricycle must be at least 12 years old; Paragraph 2 stipulates that driving electric bicycles and motor wheelchairs for the disabled must be at least 16 years old; The regulation also stipulates that driving an electric motorcycle must be at least 18 years old and obtain the corresponding driver’s license.

Students who ride bicycles, electric bicycles and motorcycles under the legal age or fail to obtain the corresponding driving qualification will be strictly investigated and dealt with by our school in conjunction with the public security and traffic police department.

In the process of riding, students of “up to standard” age should drive on the auxiliary road or on the right side of the road, do not break into the car road, do not drive in the opposite direction, do not leave the handle with both hands, do not ride a bicycle to carry people, and do not run parallel with the car.

Before turning, you should slow down and reach out for a sign.

You should not turn suddenly, nor should you pull, climb and hold the vehicle or be pulled by other vehicles, keep your hands away from the handle or hold things in your hands, hold yourself in parallel and chase each other, so as to avoid danger.

2、 Parents should fulfill their responsibilities of education and guardianship and not buy bicycles and electric bicycles for students who have not reached the legal riding age.

It is hoped that the majority of parents will educate their children on traffic safety knowledge, cultivate their children’s good traffic behavior habits, and adhere to starting from themselves, strictly abide by the road traffic safety law and its relevant laws and regulations, and be a model of civilized travel.

Parents are responsible for not being arrogant or indulgent; Abide by the law and build peace together.

3、 The school organizes students to learn about road traffic safety and renovates parking conditions around the school.

The school actively organizes students to learn road traffic safety through various ways, and organizes teachers to persuade students under the age of 12 not to ride bicycles and students under the age of 16 not to drive electric bicycles, as well as rectify the phenomenon of random parking around the school, so as to safely dredge the road traffic of students during school and school hours.

No bicycling under the age of 12 no electric bicycling under the age of 16 harm of minors riding electric bicycles 01 when children under the age of 16 are in an emergency, because their psychological and physiological development is not mature and their adaptability is not as good as adults, they can not take the correct treatment in time, which is easy to lead to traffic accidents.

02 the stability of electric bicycle control and the safety of braking system are poor.

When minors encounter emergencies, their coping ability and control ability are weak, which is easy to cause traffic accidents.

03 minors are often young and energetic, with fast riding speed, and even accompanied by some dangerous actions, such as carrying others, chasing and making trouble, which are more likely to cause all kinds of traffic accidents.

It is found that 2-04 students ride bicycles or share bicycles rapidly after school, and some students are easy to laugh on the road on weekends.

Car accidents are fiercer than tigers, and safety is greater than days.

The healthy growth of children is the most concerned problem of parents and schools.

Based on the educational concept of all-round consideration for students, in order to ensure the safety of students, the school decided to prohibit students under the age of 12 from riding bicycles and students under the age of 16 from riding electric vehicles to and from school.

Parents, as guardians, must be fully aware of the harmfulness of minors riding bicycles and electric vehicles, and must earnestly fulfill their guardianship responsibilities and ensure the first pass.

We hope that you can cooperate with the school in this work for the sake of children’s safety, do not buy motorcycles or electric vehicles for children, and prohibit children from riding motorcycles and electric vehicles; Parents should strictly control their children’s mobile phones, especially during holidays, and prevent children from taking mobile phones without permission.