[cycling registration] Rizhao national drug control publicity month Rizhao sports social organization party building “colorful action”

Hey! The The The The The The National Fitness welcomes the colorful Provincial Games.

A mountaineering and cycling activity for Rizhao citizens is about to be launched! In order to advocate a green and healthy lifestyle, promote the development of national physical fitness and the socialization of drug control publicity, and create an atmosphere of energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon life, green travel and scientific fitness in the whole society.

At present, the activity registration channel has been officially opened and is recruiting sports loving partners for the whole city.

We left the city and jumped out of the world in order to feel the nature.

We ran on the mountain top and walked through the bamboo forest in order to feel the beauty of nature in the nearest distance.

According to the road map of this climbing activity, this climbing and riding activity was organized by the Municipal Drug Control Commission, the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee, the working committee of the municipal organs directly under the municipal Party committee, the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the municipal ecological environment bureau, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Sports Bureau Organized by the office of the Municipal Sports Federation, Donggang District People’s government and Shandong Ocean Culture and tourism group, CO organized by Donggang District Drug Control Commission, Donggang District Education and Sports Bureau and taoluo Town People’s government, and co organized by the municipal Cycling Association and dazhong.com Rizhao.

This activity is free of charge and is not for the purpose of competition.

Riding registration conditions 1 Age requirements 18 to 60 2 The whole people participate in the cycling event without hypertension, heart disease or other diseases that are not suitable for strenuous exercise.

The time of the cycling event is 9:00-12:00 on June 3, 2022 (Friday).

The way to enter the registration channel is free by long pressing the QR code.

Only cycling activities are allowed.

The description of the activity content is ecological public welfare cycling climbing activities.

During this holiday, every cyclist will meet and travel through the valley to enjoy the unique scenery of the mountains.


green mountaineering activities.

Feel the charm of outdoor sports, appreciate the beautiful scenery of nature, and bring your family to the mountains to laugh.

(photographer zhangchuanping) 3 Simultaneously open the challenge arena of “micro video” works of green vitality action, record good times and show wonderful moments.

All the athletes participating in this activity can participate, shoot relevant videos, release Tiktok, and add the topic “\.

Registration confirmation: submit the correct registration information online.

After the registration is successful, the staff will call the activity guarantee 1 The organizer of the event will insure all the participants to avoid the worries of both parties, and submit their names, contact information and ID number when registering.


set up rescue points, midway water supply points, and arrange 120 ambulances to be on standby at the event site to ensure the safety of participants.


provide participants with a free lunch bag, T-Shirts, backpacks and other professional sports equipment.

Activity tips: preparation before mountaineering and biking 1 On the day of the event, go to the competition site to confirm and sign in, and receive the materials for the competition.


please prepare your own sports shoes and other sports articles.


follow the leading operator to warm up before the competition to avoid injury during the exercise..