9 Tips to quickly learn how to choose suitable riding shoes

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Thank you for your support! No matter what form of riding you prefer, there are always some similarities to pay attention to when it comes to buying riding shoes; But not from the perspective of “this shoe is better than another pair”, but that the shoes you need must be able to maximize your riding needs.

Today, let’s talk about how to choose riding shoes from the perspective of road bike and mountain bike.

When you have to make the final decision to buy, there are some differences between choosing mountain lock shoes and road lock shoes.

[mountain bike lock shoes] the manufacturing requirements of mountain bike lock shoes are relatively simple and need to be convenient for action.

However, due to the purpose, there are also targeted requirements in the design.

Because mountain people pay more attention to riding skills and performance, they have strong requirements for foot protection, especially in the design structure, which is not very high for road vehicles.


Shoe shape when you are choosing shoes, you should take a look at the price plate first.

Cheap shoes generally have relatively low vamp quality, so the foot feel is not very good.

If foot support is important to you, you can look at the insole.

Cheap shoes have thick insoles.

High end shoes, even slightly better ones, will have more shoe shapes, rather than being replaced by increasing the thickness of the insole.

High end shoes will fit better, prolong service life and increase comfort.


Sole material some mountain bike lock shoes are made of plastic or synthetic plastic, while others are made of carbon fiber.

Based on the harsh use environment of mountain bikes, uneven roads or many stones, the material selection of mountain lock shoes is worth discussing.

As a saying goes, “if you don’t try, you’ll never know the difference between carbon fiber and carbon fiber.” If you never try carbon fiber lock shoes, you will never know how it feels.

The moment you put it on, you will have a very intuitive feeling.

When stepping on it, the force is more direct, and the carbon itself is relatively light, so the foot feels great.

You will feel that the extra money is worth it.


Velcro and fine-tuning buckle on this point, what style of lock shoes you should consider most is how it should be fixed on your feet, because the lock shoes of mountain bikes are often exposed to sandy, muddy and humid environment.

All these factors will weaken the fixing effect of the Velcro.

Ordinary Velcro lock shoes have a fine-tuning buckle for fixing at the ankle.

Because this kind of lock shoe mainly fixes the shoe through the one closest to the ankle, it bears the greatest force.

At this time, it is better to add the fine-tuning buckle, because in addition to fixing, it can effectively prevent soil and small sand from entering the shoes, and it is easier to untie in case of car crash.


Many people will remove the flat step conversion cover as soon as they get the new mountain lock shoes.

But please keep it, because they can increase the contact area.

When riding uphill, the focus is basically on the front sole of the foot, that is, the position of the flat step conversion sleeve.


Many high-end mountain lock shoes are made of leather.

But it’s best to avoid this material when choosing shoes.

Because it’s like wearing gloves.

It feels great But it’s better to leave the budget to the road lock shoes.

After all, the road surface of riding a road car is better and it’s not easy to damage the shoes.

[road car lock shoes] although road lock shoes and mountain lock shoes have common characteristics – light weight, comfort and low wind resistance, mountain lock shoes still have some design priorities.

All road lock shoes will support different lock plate types, so when matching lock shoes and lock treads, we should pay attention to selecting the correct lock tread brand and lock plate type.


The shoe shape is similar to that of mountain lock shoes, but the road ones will be more advanced Some brands of road lock shoes will provide thermoplastic! Because once you get on the road and wear locked shoes, you basically ride for several hours, and the position of your feet generally won’t change much.

Mountain riding is different, because you may often change back and forth between standing or floating positions due to different road conditions.

Road lock shoes need to maintain a position for a long time and remain in a fixed position, so you have relatively high requirements for comfort.

Because you can fine tune its shape, it doesn’t matter if you’re not used to wearing locked shoes for the first time, because it can be adjusted.


The sole material is more rigid than the mountain lock shoes due to the needs of road riding.

After all, do you still wear casual sneakers with rigid wheels and frame? If you want to have better riding performance on the road car, we strongly recommend that you wear at least entry-level carbon bottom road lock shoes.

They’re not much more expensive than plastic, but you’re worth the money.


How many velcros? Compared with mountain lock shoes, there are more Velcro stickers for road lock shoes.

For example, triathlon shoes can easily be mistaken for road lock shoes.

Triathlon shoes usually have only a very large Velcro.

There are only two velcros in the slightly inferior quality of road lock shoes, but if you ride in the rain or in a muddy environment, the stickiness of the Velcro will become worse.

Therefore, we recommend that the road lock shoes you buy should have two velcros and a fine-tuning knob.

Note: there are two kinds of fine-tuning buttons, one is sawtooth strip, and the other is nylon rope type.

The two kinds of fine-tuning effects are very poor, and the fine-tuning knob is relatively advanced.


Permeability the permeability of road lock shoes is very important, so that when riding in hot weather, the feet will be more comfortable..